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Discover a simple method for grading gramar in context while you grade less.


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Write More, Grade Less with Grammar In Context:

Write More, Grade Less with Grammar In Context an overview of how this can work realistically in your classroom by Tamara Doehring The English Teacher’s Friend

Where do we spend most of our time?:

Where do we spend most of our time? Where do we spend the least amount of time? How do you cover the Writing Process?

PowerPoint Presentation:

How do you cover the Writing Process? Do you provide time for brainstorming, not just outlining or organizing? Do you grade drafts? Do you provide models of what you are looking for? Do you grade something (grammar) before you teach it? Do you allow for choice in what they can turn in as a final draft? As a revised piece?

PowerPoint Presentation:

When you collect a paper… Do NOT write on them (at least don’t edit) Why not?

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When you “grade” a paper… Try this instead: Give a grade of complete / incomplete / partial Look through and find 1-2 issues you want to target (grammar or style or content) and type some examples from their papers

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When you TEACH the lesson ALWAYS TRY to return their paper on a day when you collect a new one Pass back the paper you just looked at and graded for complete/incomplete/partial Before they turn in the new paper : ON BOTH papers they should write the “issue(s)” of the week on the top Teach your lesson and THEY correct on BOTH papers…the new one will come to you… the other in a writing folder….

When and how to hold students accountable:

When and how to hold students accountable Wk Skill Reference 1 Show don’t tell Pg 27-29 2 Abstract/concrete nouns OWL.edu 3 Commas in a series p 33-35 Designate a spot on your wall or board to keep a running record of the skills and references

PowerPoint Presentation:

Example / Review WEEK ONE Monday students turn in paper one Teacher goes through all papers and finds top 1-2 issues (Commas, punctuation) and creates lesson using their examples Assigns grade of partial/complete/incomplete WEEK TWO Monday students are ready to turn in paper two First, teacher passes back Week One papers and students write COMMA and PUNCTUATION on both papers (paper one they just got back and paper two they are about to turn in) Teacher presents lesson and students find, edit, fix in BOTH of their papers Teacher adds to designated spot on the board for reference and list of LESSONS TAUGHT --- students are now held accountable for these. New paper comes in (with comma/punctuation corrected) and other goes in writing folder…REPEAT

PowerPoint Presentation:

IMPORTANT Teach the skill ONCE …maybe twice. Then provide RESOURCES for the student. Next paper mistakes can count as a separate grade, or a % of complete/partial/incomplete etc. Differentiate assignments to students’ personal grammar issues Regular grading on essays 1-2 a nine weeks but now writing each week or more. ( see writing workshop )

Questions? :

Questions? Email Tamara@EnglishTeachersFriend.com www.EnglishTeachersFriend.com See Workshops

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