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Karachi Gift shop is a biggest site in karachi ... its an quick home delivery items which you order .


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Address: Banglow # A-26, Block 13-A, Gulshan e Iqbal Karachi, Pakistan  Phones: Landline # +92213-498-4868 [ Monday-Friday (10 AM to 7 PM) ]  Cell # +923212442022 (10 AM to 9 PM)  Cell # +923112487679 (10 AM to 9 PM)

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Karachi Gifts Shop Karachi Gifts is online gift shop which is providing the fresh and finest quality of product in a best price and we provide from Brands. We have our own order shipment or delivery team they hand over personally like the sentiments should be rather than using courier service that just sent items like post and due to our own delivery network we deliver very quickly any where in Karachi City.  This way we guarantee: - Best Flowers and Gifts Delivery. - Secured Payment. - Reasonable Price. - Customer Service. - Same Day Fastest Delivery all over Karachi.

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Living aboard or out of city and leave your family and missing them in important occasion especially in Eid , Eid-Ul - Adha , Birthdays, Wedding etc is always difficult. Thanks for modern means of technology so you can talk and video chat with your family in Karachi Pakistan any times easily and when sending gift at important time again thanks for internet technology from which you can order easily back home in Karachi . THERE ARE MANY ITEMS AND PRODUCTS WHICH ARE GIVEN BELOW:   FLOWERS CAKES MITHAI DRY FRUITS FRUIT BASKET TOYS BANGLES PIZZAS CHOCOLATES FAST FOOD BIRYANI AND MANY MORE ITEMS…

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BIRYANI Biryani is a special delight of all Karachi residents as like the rest of Pakistan. It is such a delightful and delicious type of meal that people love to eat at any place, and at any occasions. There is a great demand of Student Biryani Delivery in Karachi at homes, offices and educational institutions. It is just too important to get to know all that really matters with respect to all things in a row. You can make a great day for your loved ones in Karachi even if you are away from the town. 

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CAKES Here at Karachi Gifts you are able to order the PC Cakes, Marriot Cakes and the Art of the Tart Cakes. When you click on any name with logo of that bakery then you will see the list of cakes and the specialties that are mouthwatering. You can easily select either the Mousse Cake or the Chocolate Fudge and even the Chocolate Coffee Cake from the same bakeries or other great names like The Sky Bakers Cakes and even the Moven Pick Hotel Cake . 

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CHOCOLATES Chocolates have a universal appeal and most of people love to have either the pure chocolates or the nutty mixtures. Then globally the chocolate flavor is best used in cakes, ice creams , milk supplement , hot chocolate and so many other dorms if sweets. What if you want to present someone special a gift of chocolates on any occasion? Here you can find Karachi Gifts as a best source to presenting your true emotions to your loved ones in best packing and the most favorite brands as well.  Karachi Gifts shop

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KFC KFC is a multinational fast food chain with its many branches in whole of Karachi and in fact Pakistan. Lots of people love to have KFC Meals either at the outlets of love home delivery. Here Karachi Gifts proposes a new idea of presenting a whole new domain of KFC Meal delivery to Karachi people. If you are out of the town of even from Pakistan and you want to serve your family or friends with best KFC deals then we are here. You can look up for best products and then to go with the best kinds of services that are updated as well .

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BarBQ Tonite Karachi Gifts do not intend to leave its clients in some kind of trouble if they are not able to find the best things around. You want to send a great and delicious set of BarBQ to your loved ones. You can do it with best BarBQ Tonite delivery service by Karachi Gifts. Select the menue of your choice like the Kababs , Tikka , Chicken Boti , Chargah , Chicken Broats , Muttom Leg Broast , Sajji and many other items. 

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Desi Food  Desi Food is loved in all over Karachi and in fact whole Pakistan, and if you are way from Karachi and pan a surprise dinner for your parents, spouse or friends then order at Karachi Gifts . Here you will find the best kinds of Restaurant Deals like Zameer Ansari BBQ Deal or the Usmania Restaurant Meal . It is for your best benefit that you can find the great taste of Bundu Khan Meal . Desi Food includes Haleem and Rice of different types. You can book an order for the Karachi destination with time and date as well. 

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Kids Gifts We are serving the best and all through online sources, and that is the major reason for our success in this field. Here you can find the best kinds of things and that too at an ideal prices and timely delivery of Kids Hampers to the places that you requested only in Karachi. Select your best selected Kids Gifts and we will do a timely delivery and in best manner for sure reasons as well. 

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