Aligarh movement

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The services which Sir Syed Ahmed Khan rendered for the renaissance of Muslims. ALIGARH MOVEMENT

War of Independence 1857. Fall of Mughal Empire. Extremist & Conservative attitude of Muslims towards British. Attitude of other communities towards British Rule. Educational & political condition of Muslims of sub-continent. HISTOROCAL BACKGROND

To create an atmosphere of mutual understanding between Muslims & British Government. To persuade Muslims to learn English. To persuade Muslims to abstain from politics of agitation. OBJECTIVES OF ALIGRAH MOVEMENT

To produce an intellectual class from amongst the Muslim community. To bring a social & cultural reforms amongst Muslim community. To maintain and provide political & economical importance to Muslims in affairs of the country.

To remove misunderstandings between Muslims & the British Government Sir syed Ahmed Khan wrote: Pamphlet: The Causes of Indian Revolt Tabaeen Al kalam Loyal Mohammedans of India TO REMOVE MISUNDERSTANDINGS

According to Sir Syed Ahmed Khan following were the reasons for the out break of War on Independence: Non-representation of Indians on the legislative councils. Forcible conversion of Indians to Christianity. Mismanagement on Indian army. Dissatisfaction among various classes of society to measures of British Government. THE CAUSES OF INDIAN REVOLT

Sir Syed Ahmed Khan wrote the explanation of Bible and pointed out similarities between Islam & Christianity in TABAEEN AL KALAM

Sir Syed wrote a detailed account of services which the M uslims rendered to the British rulers entitled as: LOYAL MOHAMMEDANS OF INDIA

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