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Cotton Wool Kids: 

Cotton Wool Kids Launch Event HTI President Sir Digby Jones urged guests at the launch of Cotton Wool Kids to back HTI’s Go4it culture change initiative and spread the message about the urgent need to counter risk aversion in British society.  He said it was time to “kill ignorance and prejudice between education and business” because the two sectors were inextricably linked to the process of wealth creation in a global arena. Launched at the wonderful location of the Design Museum on London’s South Bank, this exciting event drew delegates from education, government and business around the country. “If any country ‘gets’ globalisation it’s this lump of granite in the North Sea,” he said.  “We’re the fifth largest economy in the world, London is financial capital of the world, we are known as a fair-minded, tolerant society and have a fabulous reputation for innovation.  But unless we do more to skill up our people and stop running away from risk in our society, schools and businesses we will lose our competitive edge.”  He told guests, representing education, business and government, that culture change had to begin in that room and that everyone in society must unite in stamping out excessive risk aversion. To find out more about HTI’s Go4it award for schools visit

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