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Gross Returns On Investment For Recent Animation Productions


In association with our co-producers


Legend Of The Sky Kingdom Full length feature in an original stopmotion, junkmation style. Jungle Beat 13 part CGI animation TV series Included in various international broadcast deals. Shown as in-flight entertainment on various airlines including SAA and Emirates. Once Upon A Stable 22 minute CGI animation for TV, scheduled for release this Christmas.


2004 Kangaroo Jack Movie for Warner Bros. Krypto for Warner Bros. Scooby Doo for Warner Bros. 2003 Kim Possible for Walt Disney Clifford Movie – Scholastic Lilo and Stitch for Walt Disney Filmography


Dreamvision - The Company Dream Vision Studios feature State of the art digital audio production and postproduction. Academy Award winning original music composition and production. Award winning production team of producers, directors, writers and technical staff. Dreamvision can place any project at a level of excellence without deviation.


3dh Communications - The Company 3dh™ Communications is a Georgia Corporation that has a patented process for producing ultra realistic 3D Holo Projection™ or 3D "holographic - like” images. 3dh™ deploys imaging technology in a revolutionary way that presents opportunities to telecommunications, education, entertainment, and a virtually unlimited number of other industries.


Distribution Plans Theatrical Distribution Promenade Pictures will be handling The theatrical distribution. Home DVD Distribution Warner Brothers will be handling Home DVD distribution.


Is looking to raise an amount of USD20 million to completely finance Forecasting an anticipated return of 5 – 7 times on your investment. Over a period of 5 years.


While aware of the many risks associated with this industry, these risks have been substantially eliminated through: An Investor Protection Guarantee (securing an investors capital) Theatrical Distribution Guarantee (securing the release in 3500 theatres in the USA)


Investment in CGI feature animations have until now been monopolised. It is impossible to invest into the lucrative animation film industry unless well connected. Also to consider

To Summarise: 

To Summarise Of the 4 animations produced last year, each ranked as a top 10 box office performer. Anticipated returns 5-7 times earnings are realistically anticipated. Animation has become the fashionable medium for telling stories. International appeal, crossing the barriers of culture, age etc. Spin off appeal through its various forms of merchandising and mobile entertainment possibilities.

A window of opportunity…: 

A window of opportunity… Invest in Buyers Equity Guide (Pty) Ltd Michael Berk Contact details: +27 (0)11 - 262 2612 +27 (0)82 - 896 8844

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