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Tabor College Preparing people for a life of learning, work and service for Christ and His kingdom.


EDUCATION DEPARTMENT Dr. Donna M. Bagley Chair, Education Department Elementary Education Advisor Mr. David A. Loewen, MA Assistant Professor of Education Coordinator of Secondary Education Secondary Advisor Mrs. Joanne Loewen, MA Assistant Professor of Education Elementary Education Advisor Mrs. Kathleen Regier, MA Teacher Education Coordinator


ACCREDITATION In 2005 the Education Department of Tabor College was accredited by the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education.

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THE CONCEPTUAL FRAMEWORK The vision of the Teacher Education Program at Tabor College is to prepare exemplary educators who are committed to Christian Values Competent Instruction Compassionate Service Collaborative Leadership

Goal I: Commitment The Teacher Education program at Tabor College is designed for committed candidates who have a passion for teaching and a love for students. They are life-long learners who have a strong desire to continue their professional development. Evidence of this commitment will be shown by candidates who: -Maintain membership in professional organizations. -Volunteer both within and outside of the parameters of professional education. -Embrace educational research by integrating it into instructional strategies in the classroom.

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Volunteer both within and outside of the parameters of professional education.

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Goal II: Christian Values The teacher education program at Tabor College is designed for exemplary educators who are committed to Christian values. These values are characterized in Luke 2:52: “And Jesus grew in wisdom and stature, and in favor with God and men.” This assumes a holistic view which incorporates the intellectual, physical, spiritual, and social dimensions of educating the child. This commitment to Christian values is shown by candidates who: -Physical: Live a balanced and disciplined life which appropriately integrates work and leisure, resulting in a healthy lifestyle and a personal sense of well-being. -Spiritual: Embrace a Christian worldview. -Social: Lovingly and humbly serve all human beings

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Goal III: Competent Instruction Upon the foundation of a strong general (liberal arts) education, the Teacher Education Program is designed for exemplary educators who are committed to competent instruction. This requires demonstrated excellence in content knowledge and pedagogical skills which results in a positive impact on the learning of all students. It assumes that the educator is knowledgeable regarding the national, state, and local standards in both general education and those related to specific content areas. This commitment to competent instruction is seen in candidates who:

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Possess a thorough knowledge of the content to be taught. Have a wide repertoire of pedagogy which results in effective teaching. Effectively communicate both orally and in writing. Show an understanding of child and adolescent development. Participate successfully in a wide range of successful field experiences. Manage a safe and stimulating classroom environment. Incorporate a wide variety of strategies appropriate for differing learning styles. Adapt instruction to meet the needs of diverse learners Use a variety of teaching strategies to motivate all students. Skillfully utilize technology to enhance learning. Integrates material from several disciplines. Stimulates critical thinking. Use assessment results to plan instruction. Teach reading across the curriculum.

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Goal IV: Compassionate Service The Teacher Education Program at Tabor College is designed to provide opportunities for educators to demonstrate their commitment to compassionate service. These opportunities are built by means of an emphasis upon self-acceptance and personal growth, and a loving and respectful attitude toward others, regardless of gender, ethnic/cultural, racial and religious differences. This commitment to compassionate service is observed in candidates who: -Share with those of diverse backgrounds and special needs. -Mentor others. -Recognize their individual strengths and limitations.

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Goal V: Collaborative Leadership The Teacher Education Program at Tabor College is designed to develop and enhance skills for candidates who are committed to collaborative leadership. The basis for collaboration is the extended community of learners involved in the education of the child: parents, extended family, religious and civic leaders, business owners, law enforcement officials, health providers, and general citizenry. This commitment to collaborative leadership is validated in candidates who: -Serve responsibly as a team member -Interact frequently with special education teachers. -Support all school personnel.


CANDIDATE’S CODE OF ETHICS The candidate should: Sustain the ideals of the teaching profession and the Tabor College Conceptual Framework to the best of his/her ability. Seek constant improvement in knowledge and skill. Maintain courtesy and cooperation in all relationships with all school personnel. Refrain from criticism of any of those with whom he/she works. Endeavor to develop not only the intellectual but also the moral and spiritual capacities of his/her pupils. Endeavor to treat all pupils justly, with due regard for their individuality. Hold in strict confidence any personal information regarding pupils such as test scores or other evaluations. Strive to make his/her every effort while in this clinical experience a credit to the college, the supervisory personnel, the local school, and to his/herself.

Kansas State Department of Education (KSDE) : 

Kansas State Department of Education (KSDE) Programs available at Tabor College which have been approved by the State of Kansas for teacher certification.



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