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CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY AS STRATEGY: MANAGEMENT OF BIODIVERSITY Col.( Retd .) P.S.Sandhu Registrar National Institute of Technology Durgapur


Introduction Corporate Social Responsibility refers to the voluntary activities of the companies to contribute towards a better society and cleaner environment. Includes the entire environment including the “biotics and abiotic factors” The actual notion of CSR is modified : providing employment, medical, housing and education to the dependents are categorised as CSR Currently, CSR has been aligning more towards profit as a marketing strategy

Biodiversity Management:

Corporate Social Responsibility is linked with principles of Sustainable Development. Enterprises should not only look into financial factors-look into environmental consequences. Bottom line concept(Financial) vanished Idea of Triple bottom line has emerged- *Social *Environmental *Financial Biodiversity Management


Biodiversity, the variety of life, is absolutely essential to the health of our planet's ecosystems "totality of genes, species, and ecosystems of a region“ Biodiversity Management deals with the conservation and restoration of biodiversity Principle pressures on biodiversity * Habitat loss and degradation * Excessive nutrient load and pollution * Over-exploitation and unsustainable use * Climate change Biodiversity

How Industries Affect Biodiversity?:

How Industries Affect Biodiversity? Forests are cleared for the wood or for the construction of industries/ human habitats and the animals and birds lose their natural habitats The effluents and the gases released greatly spoil the air, water and the soil biota. Mining activities also greatly affect the surrounding environment E-waste & Biomedical wastes are a menace Spillage of oil in ocean Burning of fossil fuels Use of recalcitrant pesticides Non-degradable Plastics

Effects of Loss of Biodiversity :

Effects of Loss of Biodiversity The release of sulphur dioxide and nitrous oxides leads to acid rain. Depletion of ozone layer Carbon footprints have increased Melting of Glaciers and rise in sea level. Climate change Global warming- rise by more than 3.5°C New emerging diseases *

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Effects of Loss of Biodiversity International Union for Conservation of Nature- Threat for Biodiversity The following are threat of extinction: * 1 out of 4 mammals * 1 out of 4 conifers * 1 out of 3 amphibians * 1 out of 8 birds * 6 out of 7 marine turtles * 75% of genetic diversity of crops are lost * 75% of the world’s fisheries are fully or over exploited * 1/3 rd  of reef-building corals are threatened with extinction *

Common CSR Practices:

CSR Common CSR Practices Providing employment Medical facilities and Housing School education to dependents Transportation Good CSR Practices: Rehabilitation Public awareness on preventing specific diseases/public health Renovation of ponds and replanting of trees Training self help groups Providing free training to children Planting trees CSR measures for Biodiversity management is not taken up seriously… DUTIES

Triple Bottom Line:

It is an accounting framework that incorporates 3 dimensions of performance: social, environmental and financial.  Three Ps: people, planet and profits Profits are measured in currency.  What is social capital measured in?  What about environmental or ecological health ? Triple Bottom Line

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Triple Bottom Line Economic Measures Environmental Measures Social Measures Personal income SO2/ NOx concentration Unemployment rate Cost of underemployment Change in land use/land cover Female labour force participation rate Establishment churn Selected priority pollutants Median household income Establishment sizes Excessive nutrients Relative poverty Job growth Electricity consumption Literacy Employment distribution by sector Fossil fuel consumption Average commute time expectancy Percentage of firms in each sector Solid waste management Violent crimes per capita

Natural Capitalism:

Natural Capitalism A new approach not only for protecting the biosphere but also for improving profits and competitiveness.  Dramatically increase the productivity of natural resources.

Natural Capitalism:

Natural Capitalism Through fundamental changes in both production design and technology, farsighted companies are developing ways to make natural resources. These major resource savings often yield higher profits than small resource savings do Shift to biologically inspired production models In closed-loop production systems, modeled on nature’s designs, every output either is returned harmlessly to the ecosystem like compost, or becomes an input for manufacturing another product .

Aircel’s tag line to bring alive the cause, ‘Just 1411 left, Save Our Tigers’, hit a chord in the hearts and minds of millions of Indians and evolved into a brand unto itself. Highlights of the Project: *Infrastructure and capacity support in tiger reserves  *Training of forest guards in anti-poaching measures *Conflict mitigation in Sunderbans:

Aircel’s tag line to bring alive the cause, ‘Just 1411 left, Save Our Tigers’, hit a chord in the hearts and minds of millions of Indians and evolved into a brand unto itself. Highlights of the Project: *Infrastructure and capacity support in tiger reserves  *Training of forest guards in anti-poaching measures *Conflict mitigation in Sunderbans


Afforestation-CSR Afforestation is NOT a one day job-It is a long term process-It does not stop with planting. How corporates can help? Provide land for planting. Provide suitable environment for the plant growth. Quantity does not matter-Quality matters. Avoid mere campaigning-Encourage actions Conducting painting contests, Go green stage shows, conducting marathons, wearing T-Shirts with go green slogans will not serve any purpose.

Conserving Water Bodies-CSR:

Conserving Water Bodies-CSR Corporates should not let untreated effluents in water bodies They can aid to monitor the activities of other industries Train people to treat domestic waste water and on composting the household wastes. Proper initiative for recycling e-Wastes is necessary Take CSR initiatives for treating contaminated water bodies and assess the primary and secondary effects of the measures at periodic intervals

Organic Agriculture:

Organic Agriculture Use of chemical pesticides and fertilizers affect the soil and biota. Organic agriculture is ideal option to replace toxic chemical inputs. Corporate should train farmers on organic agricultural practices Emphasize and make the public to realize the importance of organic foods Pesticide use has sharply reduced the regional biodiversity of several organisms

Smarter Plans are necessary:

Smarter Plans are necessary Mere copying the measures of another country/ region will not serve the purpose. Identify the problem and develop a suitable plan It is not that the success of the project depends on the the amount of the fund. It is the interest and the involvement- all that matters. Smarter the strategy-Greater the success. Even individuals with poor background do lot of deeds to the benefit of society-Then why not corporates? Developing a culture will help more than the campaigns.


THANK YOU “It seems to me that we all look at nature too much, and live with her too little” - Oscar Wilde

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