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Horizontally and vertically integrated system 5 hospitals & 33 ambulatory care centers 20,000+ employees & 1,200 employed physicians Wholly owned insurer Culturally and Socio-Economically Diverse Population Patients representative of entire SE Michigan population 3.1M annual patient contacts 98,000 annual patient admissions Quality Care & Profitable Operations Baldrige National Quality Award recipient $4.4 billion total revenue (2012) $53 million net income (2012)

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Looking at Hospitals Differently Opportunities Capital Talent $

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Engineering Solutions

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Innovation Institute Technology Management System Partnering Engineering Solutions

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Applied Research Education Training Innovation Institute

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Inception Development Validation Commercialization Technology Management

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Partnering Model Clinical Validation Product Testing Rich Patient Data User Impact Payment Model Brand Technology Talent Seed Capital Health System Company X

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Co-Development Benefits Structured Market Access Capital-Efficient Development  Aligned Investment Opportunities Soft Landing in U.S. Market Access to Health System Network

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Looking for Startup Partners Digital health and medical devices Clearly defined development or growth challenge Alignment with HFHS areas expertise Addresses an area of unsolved clinical need

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Please visit us at /innovations ENGINEERING SOLUTIONS

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