Challenges in Implementing EMR


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Explains about the EMR implementation and how to maximize the efficiency and minimize the cost of the implementation. For more information visit:


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Challenges in Implementing EMRs


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Most organizations think they are here

Integrated delivery framework…:

Integrated delivery framework… Satellite Centers Connectivity Integration of Main Hospitals Satellite Centers Clinics Telemedicine Centers TPAs Pharmacies Plus more...need based Main Hospital Satellite Center Clinics Datacenter eHIS EMR Oracle Financials Pharmacy Apollo eDoc Health Highway Apollo Life


Implementation of an EMR starts with the planning and a meticulous execution. While, every Hospital has its uniqueness in terms of a business process, there are a few standard issues that always need to be factored to ensure a successful implementation. The techniques used in planning should bear in mind the impact that they could have on operational, clinical and financial excellence of the hospital enterprise. The goal of the EMR implementation is to maximize the efficiency and minimize the cost of the implementation. EMR and Enterprise Transformation


Size the team the luxury of a large team is worth the comfort Ownership YES , its all about you and you are the center of the universe ….but remember the universe is an integrated entity and coexists in harmony Sizing the Team


Change Management Clinical Champions Process Specialists HR enablers Is your role changing and can you handle it? Its just change GET OVER IT Process is key to EMR


Check for downstream impact DONOT design in silos Remember this is an enterprise system not a departmental system Understand the current process It will educate you on why something was done the way it is Its not to justify but to educate on how to meander through the change Process is key to EMR

So what is to paperless ? :

So what is to paperless ? Implementation with an eye on Adoption Adoption with an eye on Maturity Maturity with an eye on Continuous improvement Continuous improvement with an eye on Excellence


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