Choosing the Right Cabling System for Health care Environments


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Explains MOLEX - facts and figures, Global Reach, Diagnostic Imaging, Patient Monitoring, Premise Networks in India, key factors to be considered for Right cabling system for health care Environments and applications. For more information visit:


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Introduction Organization Overview Choosing the Right Cabling System for Healthcare Agenda

Molex - facts and figures:

Molex is a subsidiary of Koch Industries International Inc. which is a privately held company with over $115Bn in annual revenue according to Forbes. A leader and innovator in the $36 billion global interconnect marketplace 8% market share 39 manufacturing locations in 16 countries More than 60% of revenue is from Asia More than 100,000 products Dedicated team of 33,613 professionals Molex - facts and figures

Global Reach:

Global Reach

CISCO Best Supplier of year 2012:

CISCO Best Supplier of year 2012

Excellence in Technology Alignment award - 2014:

Excellence in Technology Alignment award - 2014







Molex Premise Networks:

A division of Molex Incorporated that focuses on the manufacture and supply of data transport solutions to enterprise customers A truly global organisation – one of only 3 in the marketplace – we currently sell solutions into 58 countries Our ethos Standards based solutions Consultative Sales Approach Long Term relationships with partners & customers Solutions orientated – we look to address your business needs Molex Premise Networks

Premise Networks in the Indian / ASEAN market:

Molex have been selling solutions in to the India/ASEAN market for 19 Years Molex India is also a global manufacturing hub for Premise Network products Global Design Canter & Test Lab. in Bangalore We have established Distribution Partners National Distributors : Redington & DDMS. Also, Regional Distribution to increase our reach. We have over 100 qualified Installation Partners – able to offer the full 25 Year System Performance Warranty . Premise Networks in the Indian / ASEAN market


CHOOSING THE RIGHT CABLING SYSTEM FOR HEALTH CARE ENVIRONMENTS… *Source: Bishop and Associates, Inc. Other figures based on Molex financial results FY08, year ending June 30

Key Factors to be considered….:

Key Factors to be considered…. Cabling Speed EMI, RFI - Medical Equipment, Wireless Communication, PoE Devices and Generators. Infection Control Healthcare Application Facilities are designed to Operate for 50Years are longer… Re-cabling a Healthcare facility can cost 4-5 times the initial cost.

Cabling Speed….:

Cabling Speed…. File Size of Digital X-Ray Images, CT Scan can reach 30 Gigabyte. Cable Cable Speed Transmission Time- 30 Gb file CAT 5e 100 Megabits / second 40 minutes CAT 6 1 Gigabit / second 4 minutes CAT 6A 10 Gigabits / second 24 seconds

EMI in Healthcare Environment…:

EMI in Healthcare Environment… EMI is generated from diagnostic and radiology equipment, wireless networks and many other sources… Some of these devices in turn may be affected by EMI Generated from the structured cabling. The TIA-1179 Healthcare Cabling Standard recognizes the Potential effects of EMI and suggest isolation from or routing cables around the equipment of generating EMI.

Structured Cabling impacts Infection Control :

Structured Cabling impacts Infection Control Approximately One third of all Hospital infection threats are Airborne. When performing MAC – Move Add Changes the entire area around the access space requires isolation from the rest of floor to prevent the spread of Airborne containment.

Health Care Application….:

Health Care Application…. Application running over Healthcare networks such as Picture Archiving & Communication System, Laboratory and Radiology Information, and Physician Order entry system requires significant bandwidth IP Convergence of Voice, Data, CCTV / Surveillance Security and Building Automation System are adding to the diversity of Importance of Structured Cabling. Adoption of PoE Devices in Health care is very High which increases the temperature of Cabling system.

Alien Crosstalk:

Alien Crosstalk 10GBase-T Public Enemy #1 is AXT Alien crosstalk is unwanted coupling of signals between adjacent cables Alien crosstalk cannot be cancelled by Digital Signal Processing (DSP) Alien crosstalk can only be mitigated only with a shield or space separation

Category 6A Unshielded Cable:

Category 6A Unshielded Cable Strategies Space between cables Variable AWG & twist schemes Core to jacket separators, fluted jackets, air injected plastics and non-round shape Category 6A UTP cables can be as large as .9mm (.35”) OD Larger cable diameter provide better AXT but creates issues for routings & pathways Gap A > Gap B A B CAT6A CAT6

Category 6A Shielded Cable:

Category 6A Shielded Cable Specifically designed for 10G performance ANEXT of 15dB headroom or higher Shields significantly reduces EMI including ANEXT Smaller cable OD (7mm vs. 9mm)

Advantages of LSZH U/FTP Shielded Cabling…:

Advantages of LSZH U/FTP Shielded Cabling… Smaller Diameter Eliminates AXT – Alien Crosstalk Allows other Category Cable in the same Pathway LSZH U/FTP – Low Smoke Zero Halogen U/FTP Shielded Cabling System Shielded cable provides a grounding and bonding mechanism within the cable.

Cat6 Jack:

Cat6 Jack ETL Verified – Component Level Compliant Features our unique Datagate shutter. 568A/B Wiring Sequence. Termination Cap. New style IDC to support conductor.

Stainless Steel Wall Plates:

Stainless Steel Wall Plates We recommend Inside Operation Theatre and LABs. Robust Design UL Approved



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