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Smart Hospitals ‘The Smart way of Treating & Healing’:

Smart Hospitals ‘ The Smart way of Treating & Healing ’ Presented By Sridharan Mani, Director & CEO American Megatrends India Pvt. Ltd.


Gnanananda Mayam Devam Nirmala Spatika Kruthim Aadharam Sarva Vidyanam Hayagrivam Upasmahe I promise myself before the Lord, who is the personification of knowledge and Happiness, who is very pure, and who is the basis of all learning Saraswathi Namasthubyam, Varadey Kaamarupinee! Vidhyarambham Karishyami, Sidhir bhavathu mey sada Oh  Goddess, Saraswathi, my humble salutations to you, who are the fulfiller of all my wishes. I start my studies with the request that thou will bestow Thy blessings on me Prayer 2

Healthcare Trend :

Healthcare Trend The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates up to 40% of resources spent on healthcare are wasted, in part due to antiquated processes and systems. Studies reveal that, a mid-sized private community hospital with 370 beds can accrue benefits of nearly US$43 million over five years with more holistic IT capabilities.  It has been estimated that there will be approximately 50 billion devices connected to the Internet and, therefore, to each other by 2020. 3


A SMART HOSPITAL IS… ‘ A place where technology and design converge to enhance patient care ’ The fundamental tenet of being a ‘ smart ’ hospital is that it has to cover four essential dimensions. It has to be: Patient experience focused Employee focused Organization focused Innovation focused


Smart Hospital is about: Transforming Health towards decentralized and connected care

A Smart Hospital helps to achieve …:

A Smart Hospital helps to achieve …

When Hospital is not Smart?:

Prefer Manual Processing Fragmented Systems New Technology Disruptions Poor Utilization of Assets IT Investments are a mere cost. It did not improve efficiency in providing better patient care and failed to provide desirable returns. When Hospital is not Smart? 7

Governing Rules that proves you are running a Smart Hospital:

Governing Rules that proves you are running a Smart Hospital Investments made in Information Technology are no longer considered as costs and they should provide sustainable tangible returns. A solution driven approach should be considered while implementing systems. Discrete systems increase manual work, cost, and maintenance and affects productivity. All systems should co-exist and integrate with HIS platform to provide desired returns. New System implementation and Equipment purchases should integrate with existing setup to provide better returns. IT investments should be made to “ improve patient care and increase customer satisfaction ” . Any IT investment made should be backed by core business objective to achieve higher ROI . 8

Corporate Background:

Corporate Background 9

Global Network:

United States: Norcross, GA (Headquarters) San Jose, CA International: Kunshan, China Beijing, China Shenzhen, China Munich, Germany Chennai, India Tokyo, Japan Seoul, Korea Taipei, Taiwan 10 Global Network Over 25 Years of Shaping the Industry

AMI over the Years: :

AMI over the Years: 11 1985: Found 1985 as a design consulting company 1985: PC ’ s Limited (a.k.a. Dell) becomes licensee for AMI ’ s BIOS 1986-87: World ’ s First 386 cache motherboard 1991: AMI recognized as 2nd fastest growing Company in USA by Inc. Magazine 1997: AMI ships MegaRAC 1998: MegaRAID becomes World ’ s #1 PCI RAID HBA 2001: AMI divests the MegaRAID division 2001+: Focus on BIOS, StorTrends and MegaRAC 2014: AMI India launches B.O.L.T, Lifestyle the latest product group

Accolades received:

Accolades received AMI is selected as one of the top 7 finalist of 12

Notable Moments –Dr. Ratan Tata and Peter Diamandis with AMI Team :

Notable Moments –Dr. Ratan Tata and Peter Diamandis with AMI Team

Notable Moments – Dr. Prathap C Reddy, Chairman, Apollo Hospitals & Ms. Sangitha Reddy, JMD, Apollo Hospitals with AMI Team & VitalsFit:

Notable Moments – Dr. Prathap C Reddy, Chairman, Apollo Hospitals & Ms. Sangitha Reddy , JMD, Apollo Hospitals with AMI Team & VitalsFit 14

Our New Innovation :

Our New Innovation Introducing Virtual Desktop Infrastructure From 65 Watts to 5 Watts Save Power! Save Energy! Secure Environment!

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