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Last time on The Objectic Struggle, we found out that Blocky and Gold were the first guys to be eliminated from Team Super Duper Victory! Also, this months challenge was a teams in teams friendship challenge. So far we have completed the BFDI Marble race and UNO Card Challenge, with the DodgeBall challenge to remain! Who will make it into the final rounds of this final challenge? Find out in the second part of The Objectic Struggle!


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Hello viewers, and welcome to the second part of Episode 9 of The Ojectic Struggle! Last time, Blocky the bully and Gold the random and strange, were eliminated with 88 dislikes! The next challenge was a teams in teams challenge. The marble race and UNO card challenges were completed, so now lets continue. But before we start, lets see the previous rankings of the 22 teams!


T E A M : 1 T E AM : 2 TE A M: 3 T EA M :4 T EA M :5 TE A M: 6 T E A M : 7 TE A M: 8 T E A M : 9 T E A M : 10 T E A M : 11 TE A M: 12 T E A M : 13 T EA M :14 T E A M: 1 5 T EA M :16 T E A M : 17 T EA M :18 T E AM :1 9 TE A M:2 0 T E A M :2 1 T E AM :2 2


For this last and final teams in teams challenge, all of our 66 remaining contestants will participate for their team This thrid  part of this challenge is a dodgeball challenge. For this, two people from any random team will battle together. The first person chosen on the two will throw the ball and will either hit or e caught y the other player. Each round will add 16 onto the people's score,  Now, lets see who will battle each other  in this first round!


Now, that we have seen who remains, lets start the next round! Unfortunately, we have run out of time for the episode to continue! So, this means that we will see who wins overall, which team will win the tokens and which 8 teams will face elimination in part 33 of this episode of The Objectic Struggle!

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