What type of cardboard and plastic can I recycle

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There is a lot of confusion arising as to what kind of plastic and cardboard products people can recycle. In most cases we dispose those by just throwing it away to our respective recycling bin not knowing of what type of plastic and cardboard are available to recycle. Sometimes for the sake of keeping your surroundings clean we normally combine trash and let someone separate it before us because that is their way of living. Disposing of plastic materials includes plastic wrappers bottles sticking films plastic food trays and yoghurt pots. These materials are all recyclable but mostly garbage collecting council don’t have the machine to separate those small plastic materials from the other. Light materials can add extra work to them and can cause delay. It gives hassle on their part and sometimes stress for some possible discomfort to arise. But there are some companies that operate in recycling clean and dry plastic materials like bubble wraps bin bags and food bags. You may not find those companies within your area but still you can post picture on social media to get their attention. By doing so everyone who notice your post can conclude that you are responsible enough disposing your trash. Article Source: https://medium.com/tgmenvironmentaluk/what- type-of-cardboard-and-plastic-can-i-recycle-36cefcf9a923 Shared by: www.tgmenvironmental.co.uk

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