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A teacher is trained to understand trainee psychology, plan a customized course suitable to a particular group.


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TEFL Certificate Course:

TEFL Certificate Course English has become the new lingua franca in today’s globalized world to facilitate communication and interaction between people from all across the world. People from non-English speaking backgrounds are finding fast ways to learn English because it is no longer a social statement but a necessary tool to better professional and social life in this globalized world. Adults and children are enrolling in language schools and Spoken English classes to learn English.

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The TEFL (Teaching English as Foreign Language) Certificate course is an apt course for aspirants interested in teaching English language to young learners. This course acquaints trainees with child psychology and understanding of the barriers to the learning process of a foreign language. A teacher in a TEFL Certificate course learns the ways of developing the basic language skills namely listening, speaking, reading and writing and developing vocabulary. A TEFL Certificate course is the minimum prerequisite for getting teaching jobs abroad.

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