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American TESOL Institute offers three types of TEFL Courses. All the three types are provided in Distance mode and Online/E- learning mode.


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TEFL course in India:

TEFL course in India Welcome to TEFL Courses India, TESOL Courses India

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As a pioneering institute that has made a name for itself in the world of TESOL training, American TESOL Institute (ATI) has a reputation world -wide. The TESOL certification provided by the institute is accepted globally by a number of institutions and organizations. The certificate provides a passport to teach and travel across the world. ATI's journey began in 2002 at Baton Rouge in USA. The headquarter is based in Tampa, Florida, southeastern USA. At the helm, the company had been ably guided by Dr. John May as the President of ATI and Jonathan Lazarus as the Director. ATI's team of dedicated researchers has over the years developed a program which has technically studied how English is studied as a second language across the world. TESOL or Teaching English to the Speakers of Other Languages is a flagship program of American TESOL Institute, which has over the years prepared numerous students in the field of ESL with a cutting edge over the others. The special inputs equip them in the techniques of teaching the four skills- listening, speaking, reading and writing in a methodical and classroom applicable manner. Apart from that there are invaluable inputs in classroom management skills which are a must for a teacher. With English becoming a globally accepted language, the demand for TESOL trained teachers is increasing. Countries in Central America, Middle East, Asia, Eastern and Western European nations have shown a growing trend of recruiting TESOL trained teachers. ATI's online TESOL India program has succeeded in placing English teachers with successful jobs in India and abroad.

Online Teacher Training :

Online Teacher Training A teacher influences many young minds; usually the malleable young minds can be fashioned in any form by the teacher. The young children consider teachers to be role models and many a times they can be seen imitating their class teacher while playing. Hence, teachers are entrusted with a huge responsibility and it is now become compulsory for teachers to go through a teacher training course before they can start teaching. Plenty of online teacher training courses are also available to apprise to the aspirants and experienced teachers all the skills and know-how required to teach. 

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