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ATI’s TEFL course in Thailand is conducted by some of the best teachers in the ESL business. The curriculum is up-to-date with the latest advancements in the field of ESL teaching.


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TEFL Course Thailand:

TEFL Course Thailand An exhaustive 120 hours in class Course in Thailand program in English that includes intensive monitoring and testing of trainees; furnishes the sincere trainees aspiring to teach, with the skills and techniques necessary for efficient teaching.

TEFL Certification Course in Thailand :

TEFL Certification Course in Thailand American TESOL Institute was established in Baton Rouge, La, USA in 2002. American TESOL Institute headquarters are located in Tampa, Florida, Southeast United States of America. Jonathan Lazarus the Director of the company. The foundation of American TESOL Institute was based on the dedication of a team of education experts who wanted to know how a second language is learnt. TESOL, the acronym for teaching English to speakers of other languages is the flagship product of American TESOL Institute. TESOL as an internationally accredited teachers training program enjoys a sweeping popularity across the world. Its fundamentals and focus helps in preparing ESL teachers with a special edge. TEFL inculcates within its learners the special techniques of teaching the basic language skills – listening, reading, speaking, and writing. TEFL provides a thorough teaching orientation, covering all the possible areas or classroom teaching and student handling.

TEFL TESOL Course Content :

TEFL TESOL Course Content Language Background: The session comprises Grammar and Phonology. Grammar will include awareness of the basics of English Grammar and how to teach Grammar. Where as Phonology will cover stress, rhythm, intonation and the speech organs. Learning a Foreign Language: This session will help the trainee understand what helps and hinders the language learning process and what it feel likes to be in a language learners shoes. Teaching Techniques: Theatre in the Classroom Tuning In (Warmers) Teaching Listening Context and Language Modeling Communicative ways

Visit Us at http://www.teflcoursethailand.com/ or Mail to : admin@teflcoursethailand.com:

Visit Us at http:// www.teflcoursethailand.com / or Mail to : admin@teflcoursethailand.com

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