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Vastu Shastra For Education By Vastu-Ds

Vastu can help you get better marks:

Vastu can help you get better marks As per vastu shastra expert Bangalore the five elements water, fire, air, earth and space along with their distribution in the 16 vastu zones determine a lot of things in our lives. While some of these zones are highly favourable, there are a couple of zones which need to be avoided in order to get maximum benefits in whatever work you do.

Here are some vastu tips for students:

Here are some vastu tips for students It is recommended that this room be located in the North, North-East or East direction of the house. Your study room should not be under a beam. The room needs to be well-ventilated, so that it gets proper sunlight and has natural air-flow.


In order to avoid feeling anxious or under pressure, vastu for education recommends avoiding the reflection of the mirror on the books during study hours. Do not place the book shelves on the side or above the study table. To improve the positive energy in the study room, place Saraswati Yantra at your study table.


The direction of your study table should either be at the North or East direction. Vastu for education is of the view that using study lamp improves concentration and focus in studies. Along with this it also energizes luck in education. Pictures of rising sun, galloping horse etc inspires the child to study well.


The direction of study table should be such that there is no door behind the back of the student. It is important that the colors used in the study room are soothing and give a fresh & lively look to the room It is advised that the room as ample open space/ not congested inorder to encourage fresh approach and ideas in the student.

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