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[TC]² is the one-stop destination for all those who are searching for effective solutions for taking pattern grading and the best body scanners on the market. To know more, visit


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The Benefits of having a 3D Body Measurement in Online Stores Nowadays online stores have gained enormous popularity due to the efficient services they provide from rare and unique products to home delivering services. Unique patterns and designs have made people to purchase the apparels online. However the most common problem faced by everyone is the fitting issue of the apparel. It is really hard to find the most suitable sized piece of clothing and sometimes it does come as we have expected. Unfortunately we end up returning it and losses our faith in online shopping for garments. Thanks to the invention of 3D Body Measurement technology it is no more a big deal to find the perfect size of a dress online. By the virtue of 3D body scanning software you can have the best and accurate measurement and visualization of the body for sizing information and details. In the field of fashion it is really important to wear accurate size and fitted dress otherwise it is all waste if your dress is pretty and have beautiful color but it doesn’t fit you as it is of no use. And above all if you have put your money in something then it must be of your use therefore while shopping any outfit online it is better to take help of 3D Body Scanning Technologies. There are some great 3D body manufacturing firms which offer a complete solution to the 3D body analysis. If you are running a store of clothing brand and seeking for the finest 3D body scanning then look no further than TC ². It is the highly praised and reliable manufacturing firm which offers an extraordinary body scanner including of various 3D technologies. The firm also offers a great deal of 3D body measurement products like image twin mirror mobile scanner full-color scanner CAD systems and lot more.

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They not only provide their products to the fashion and clothing stores but to the medical field health fitness 3D printing etc. Computer Aided Design software CAD for BMI and BVI can help to perfectly measure body compositions. TC ² is the one-stop destination for who seeks for ultra-modern 3D body scanning and measurement technologies. These products and the pattern software that they have are useful in many ways from following shape progress during training for weight loss to size fitting and virtual matching for a fashion retailer. For more details visit

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