6 types of corrugated boxes with their exceptional use

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custom corrugated boxes are used for direct packaging and displaying purposes as well. These boxes have a strange type of grace that appeals to the customers that result in boosting the sales of the product. These custom corrugated packaging are versatile that’s why they are highly demanded.


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6 types of corrugated boxes with their exceptional use Boxes became part of our everyday life. Different types and sizes of boxes are used in different ways. Do you know that in malls supermarkets and stores how your favorite products are transported Let us reveal the secret that it is these corrugated boxes with the help of which safe deliveries are possible from distant places. These custom corrugated boxes are used for direct packaging and displaying purposes as well. These boxes have a strange type of grace that appeals to the customers that result in boosting the sales of the product. These custom corrugated packaging are versatile that’s why they are highly demanded. Whether you are a big businessman or make small scale deliveries from home these wholesale corrugated boxes are the most reliable packaging.

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Let us see how much these boxes are sufficient to be used in different fields of business. • Custom Wardrobe Corrugated Boxes Since shifting and traveling effects clothes. They needs to be taken care of and deliver properly. Moreover sometimes you all fell into the shortage of space but to pack some of your special dresses or suit you need something. For this purpose wardrobe corrugated cardboard boxes are introduced for our customers. These corrugated boxes really help in retaining the shape of the shapes and designs of the expensive clothes. Moreover they also preserve them for future use. To save them from damages and to have some more space without spending a lot on the wooden cupboards use these wardrobe custom corrugated boxes. These wholesale corrugated boxes are cost- effective to be used in houses and also in shops. Further these boxes are of two types: • stand up • lay down wardrobe boxes The best part is that they can easily place under the bed or in the drawers of the cupboard consuming less space.

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• Polypropylene Corrugated Boxes This particular type polypropylene plastic custom corrugated packaging is immensely demanded these days. If you do little focus around you will find them. They are hard plastic manufactured from a thermoplastic polymer. These type of custom corrugated boxes are cherished because of their high strength excellent durability and moisture proof. In their construction premium quality corrugated plastic are used under the supervision of skillful engineers. These custom boxes wholesale are used for damage free packaging of the electronic goods. If you see these corrugated boxes are available in the box as well as tray form.

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• Wholesale Postage Corrugated Boxes As online shopping is very much into the trend now therefore sending things or receiving parcels is way common these days. As a result you people must have seen and even receive your parcel packed in postage boxes. These boxes falls under the category of custom corrugated packaging that actually provides the safety and security for all types of items packed inside them. Moreover being an online retailer these corrugated cardboard boxes have proved themselves as a blessing for your postal services. Moreover there are types of postage corrugated boxes. For instance: 1. Lid custom corrugated boxes 2. Corrugated packaging boxes with Envelope base 3. Self-locking custom die cut boxes 4. Postage envelop with Five -panels All of have slightly different features that helps in the packaging of different types of products in them such as number strong base convenient locking suitability of long distance deliveries and so on.

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• Corrugated Boxes for Fruits / Vegetables The world is changing with the new advancements even the farms have so many changes. Previously old methods were used to make deliveries of the fruits and vegetables t cities and towns. In this process much of the stock was destroyed but it is not the case now. To deliver the farm fresh supplies safely these custom wholesale boxes are the best choice. These custom corrugated packaging are specially designed and manufactured to preserve the freshness f the fruits and vegetables. In addition to this food grade materials is used in their production further holes are made in them. These holes in fruit custom corrugated boxes to provide an air passage. Not just for transporting they are also used for displaying the fruits directly n the stores. For this reason they can also be termed as gift corrugated boxes.

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• Custom Corrugated Shipping Boxes Transporting the products from one place to another place needs a lot of care and precautionary measures. However when it comes to the shipping to far off places then retailers and wholesalers both are very much conscious. Therefore to lessen the tension there are custom corrugated boxes. The variety which is used for shipping purpose what type of product is supposed to be delivered. The benefit of using these corrugated cardboard boxes is that multiple corrugated layers can be added in them. For instance if there are heavy products like electronics then double or triple walled custom corrugated packaging will be used. Remember that these fluting does not increase the weight of the wholesale corrugated boxes instead provides the strength and sturdiness to the corrugated boxes. These layers work as a defense shield against damages done by jerks or unprecedented bumps.

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• Custom Die Cut Boxes You must know that custom die cut boxes are made from the die cutting process. Corrugated boxes also fall under the category of these boxes because they are also made from this procedure. There is a huge variety of die cut custom corrugated packaging being widely used in the packaging fields. Frinstance books or CD/DVD custom wholesale boxes. Archive boxes are also made from these die-cut corrugated procedures. There are further such types manufactured from this procedure. Custom corrugated boxes manufactured from this procedure are in demand these days because they are cost-effective.

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