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Let us see what The Custom Packaging Boxes have to present to you through which you can understand a wide range of use of custom sleeve boxes.


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Want revolution in product exhibition use sleeve packaging Packaging is a practical tool to arrange your products. Do you know about the sleeve packaging and why it is named this Well it is a significantly innovative type of packaging solution that has storm the business world. Almost in every field of business these custom sleeve boxes are being utilized. Let us discuss why it is called box sleeve packaging. Well it is two piece of packaging. One part is used to hold the product while other packs that part as a sleeve in it. These sleeve box packaging is a unique way to promote the products in the market. This also helps in making the style statement. Moreover these custom cardboard boxes are available in a wide range of sizes as well as sleeve required by the customers.

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How to utilize sleeve packaging differently Dear reader remember that sleeve box packaging is different from the usual box packaging because of its shape not because of the material used in its manufacturing. As per its production materials can vary from corrugated to Kraft paper to cardboard because of which they can also called custom cardboard boxes. Let us see what The Custom Packaging Boxes have to present to you through which you can understand a wide range of use of custom sleeve boxes. The few fields are • Box Sleeve Packaging for Jewellery Custom sleeve boxes are widely used but in the jewelry business their importance is undeniable. These rigid type of sleeve packaging gives an extremely royal look to the jewelry packed inside them. Moreover the inclusion of the velvet and foam inserts enhance the value of the tiara neck piece in it. Further these sleeve box packaging is available in assorted size t pack rings bracelets earrings pendants and so on. In addition to this on these custom packaging sleeves printed designs can add to seek the attention of the customers. Further if you add the logo on the custom packagingboxes will turn them into advertisement medium for the retailers.

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• Custom Bowl Sleeve Packaging This type of sleeve box packaging is very interesting one. It is an innovative and creative amalgamation of two different packaging. It is a triangular or rectangular shaped cardboard box having cavities in all its corners. In these sleeve box packaging’s open cavities the bowls are easily placed. In addition to this there is a solid handle that starts from the base and cross out to the above section of the cardboard sheets. The handle is made of hard plastic connected to the base which gives the cardboard sheet strong base to hold the bowl containers easily. This innovatively attractive custom cardboard boxes with plastic bowls are trending now a day in the food industry.

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• Sleeve Packaging Boxes for Confection There is another field in which custom sleeve boxes have been very much famous. As for the yummy and delightful products like macaroons cookies donuts muffins customized chocolates these sleeve packaging are very much in demand. The custom packaging boxes are usually made from cardboard and Kraft paper. Moreover there is another type of material that is used in their manufacturing which is plastic. Moreover custom cardboard boxes with the clear plastic top are very much in demand. As they help the bakers in flaunting their baking talent to the world. Thus the colorful macaroons and cupcakes with yummy topping need these sleeve box packaging so grab them from the company to boost your confectionery business.

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• Sleeve Gift Boxes Showing love to your loved ones builds a strong relationship with them. And there is only one way to show your love that is by giving gifts. Do you know what makes your gift more worthy in the eyes of the recipient It is innovatively designed the custom packaging boxes. Further the category of sleeve packaging creates even more attraction and appeal for the product packed in them. These custom sleeve boxes are capable of packing lots of products. For instance crystal decoration pieces perfumes cufflinks bakery products and so on. Depending upon the event or celebrations customers can have customized box sleeve packaging.

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• Sliding Sleeve Shoe Boxes You must have heard about the custom packaging boxes for shoes but there is a category which is trending now a day. This category is known as custom packaging sleeves. They are not at all common but are efficient in providing reliable packaging services. Moreover they enhance the value of a simple pair of shoes to the branded one. As already told these sleeve box packaging to fall under the category of two-piece packaging boxes. But the benefit of having them instead of tuck top is that there pieces remain with each other. The shop owner as well as customer do not have to separate them to take out the pair of shoe. Just slide out the sleeve-like drawer smoothly and have your shoes out of them. As they are custom cardboard boxes that is why they are cost effective. In addition to this they are eco-friendly as well as recyclable.

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• Custom Packaging Book Sleeves The custom packaging boxes have the ability to transform the product but this particular variety of sleeve box packaging will blow your mind. In the best and renowned store of United States you will see the stock of this category. These are custom packaging sleeves for books. They are extremely efficient in preserving the books and presenting them to the customers. They give the books more professional look which in turn gives professional grade boost book stores. The company also provides printing facility. Thus availing this facility you can print and emboss anything on these custom sleeve boxes.

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Furthermore application of lamination will provide a polished and smooth surface. The lamination of matte gloss and spot UV. The benefit of using these sleeve packaging book covers will reflect the mood and the tone of the story. That is how effective book packaging the company provides to its customers. For limitless creativity and a multitude of resources in custom cardboard boxes at your disposal contact the company through their official web site.

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