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OUR MISSION The mission of the Tulare County Medical Society (TCMS) is: To promote the science and art of medicine To promote the care and well being of patients To promote the protection of public health To promote the betterment of the medical profession To cooperate with organizations of like purposes AND To unite with similar societies in the State of California as component societies of the CALIFORNIA MEDICAL ASSOCIATION cma

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YOUR VOICE TCMS/CMA is the unifying voice of physicians. YOUR voice strengthens our representation and advocacy efforts! Get I nvolved! Contact TCMS for information on opportunities to become involved in Organized Medicine. Make Your Voice Stronger! Encourage non-member colleagues to join today!

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MEMBER BENEFITS Saving YOU $$ Potential Cost Savings = $1,000.00 Potential Cost Savings = $500.00 Potential Cost Savings = $175.00 Potential Cost Savings = $300.00+ Potential Cost Savings = $70.00+ TOTAL POTENTIAL SAVINGS = $2,000.00 + LOCALLY!!

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EVENTS for MEMBERS Holiday Event Family Day Wine Social Also, MANY Educational Opportunities Throughout the year!!

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ABOUT US As a member of the Tulare County Medical Society (TCMS) and the California Medical Association (CMA) we are here to help you. Feel free to contact us with any questions or comments, calls from our members are always welcome! Please visit our new website at

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CONTACT INFO 3333 S. Fairway Visalia, CA 93277 Ph: (559) 627-2262 or 734-0393 Fx : (559) 734-0431 or 334-0090 Steve Beargeon Executive Director Fran Hipskind Provider Relations Thelma Yeary Executive Assistant Membership/Website/Directory Dana Ramos Administrative Assistant Events / Discount Products We look forward to hearing from you!

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