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Are you looking for budget-friendly wedding flowers from Charlottesville florist? Read this write up to know how to choose beautiful wedding flowers on a budget. To know more, visit


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Tips to Have Beautiful Wedding Flowers on a Budget :

Tips to Have Beautiful Wedding Flowers on a Budget


Many factors can influence the actual cost of wedding flowers, including the time of year and location of the event, the size of the event, the number of different types of flowers, etc. Here are some options to keep your flower budget under control.


SHARE YOUR BUDGET WITH YOUR WEDDING PLANNER AND FLORIST Be upfront about your budget as well as your dream wedding flowers if you choose to work with a florist.  As long as you are flexible with your ideas, they will be able to create something beautiful in your budget.


MULTI-PURPOSE ARRANGEMENTS With a little careful planning, nearly all of your arrangements from the ceremony can do double duty at the reception.  Bridal and bridesmaid bouquets can become centerpieces for the head table, and the altar flowers can become decor for the cake or gift table.


SHOP SEASONALLY Choose flowers that are in season where your wedding will be.  Getting flowers that are not in season where you are will cost you premium prices.


LARGER BLOOMS By choosing flowers with large blooms, you will have to buy fewer stems to create the same effect.  A single hydrangea or a couple of peony blossoms can do what it would take a dozen smaller blooms to cover.


LESS EXPENSIVE BLOOMS An alternative to using large blooms is to use lots of less expensive flowers or greenery and filler to create a large statement piece for less cost than an arrangement of the same size made totally from flowers or from more expensive flowers.


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