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Are you wondering how to choose the right flower for an occasion from Boynton Beach florist? Read this write up to know the flowers for different occasions. To know more, visit


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Flowers for Different Occasions :

Flowers for Different Occasions


For every occasion, there is a perfect flower. A flower’s color carries a specific meaning, such as the different colors of roses, making certain flowers better for some occasions than others. Let’s look at some of the perfect matches.


DATES Flowers for a first date should not be overwhelming. Tulips, orchids, and gerberas are not intimidating to your new object of affection. If you’ve been going steady for some time, nothing is better than the traditional red rose.


VALENTINE’S DAY Speaking of red roses, shades of red for love, pink for elegance and yellow flowers in general for affection and joy are the perfect mix for a Valentine’s Day bouquet. Avoid yellow roses alone, however, as that represents friendship, not love. A yellow rose with a red tip, however, can symbolize both love and joy.


ANNIVERSARY Seasonal flowers go best with anniversaries, to represent the time of the year you are celebrating. For spring, choose pale, delicate flowers, such as the peony, tulips or cherry blossom. Summer flowers should be bright and vibrant – think yellow, orange or pink lilies, or a bouquet of sunflowers.


GET WELL SOON In the spring, irises and tulips can be vibrant and add a touch of color to dreary hospital rooms. If they are at home, yellow flowers, such as daffodils representing rebirth, are bright and cheery.


THANK YOU Need a sophisticated way to say thank you to a colleague or a good friend? Your best bets are their favorite flower, but if you are uncertain, go with a pale flower. Whites, pinks, and yellows show your appreciation. Roses, oriental lilies and ranunculus fit well into this category.


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