List of Flowers That Carry Messages of Romance


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List of Flowers That Carry Messages of Romance :

List of Flowers That Carry Messages of Romance


It is no secret that flowers are being used as the symbol of Love, affection and care. I have compiled a list of beautiful flowers other than roses that carry messages of romance.


TULIPS Among all flowers, red tulips symbolize perfect love and care. The tulip is 11th wedding anniversary flower, with the black, heart shaped stigma in the center of the tulip representing a lover’s heart darkened by passion.


CARNATION Carnations mean fascination, which make them a perfect flower for young lovers. These flowers occur in a wide range of colors naturally and can be dyed almost any color. And also they can last up to 3 weeks.


ORCHID There are over 25,000 varieties of orchids and each resembles different meanings of love, beauty, seduction, and refinement. This exotic flower is perfect for all couples.


LILY Lilies carry the meaning of magnificent beauty! Tell your loved one that he/she is beautiful with a bouquet of lilies.


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