New Guide on Virtual Events on LinkedIn

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LinkedIn shares a guide with a variety of tips to help with your virtual event planning to make best use of its Events and Live-Streaming Tools.


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New Guide on Virtual Events on LinkedIn :

New Guide on Virtual Events on LinkedIn Synclarity Digital Pvt LTD

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The COVID-19 epidemic has impacted all aspects of the world economy. Events to prevent the virus from spreading have been postponed for social distancing. Because then activities which could not be postponed have been held online or electronically . A variety of tools have been used as a means of communication, including the events and live streaming apps from LinkedIn . LinkedIn extended inside events in May by adding live streaming capabilities. The new LinkedIn guide explores how to make the most use of these tools, and offers a number of tips and suggestions to help with organizing your virtual case. 

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Create a virtual event on LinkedIn Invite your target audience Generate momentum and interact before and after the event Learn from other businesses that have used LinkedIn to host successful events The LinkedIn guide demonstrates how to:

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LinkedIn provides an overview of LinkedIn Live and Events, and the specific uses to which each caters to:

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Brands with engaged communities-Brands that aim to reach customers on a regular basis, take the time to respond to feedback and build a conversation . Brands with 1,000 + followers-Pages with 1,000 + followers are ideally placed to ensure your live stream has an audience. If you aren't at that level, you may consider using "Invite to Follow," a function that makes page admins to invite their first degree profile connections to follow their Page. Though, not all sites do have links to LinkedIn Online. However, there are no specific requirements defining the pages to access the option, LinkedIn offers some guidance on the types of pages more likely to be approved for Live access:

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LinkedIn also offers some references on what types of events on LinkedIn work best, along with examples of past business functions:

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LinkedIn shares a guideline of pointers at each stage of your event journey to ensure that promotional opportunities are maximized: LinkedIn gives some tips at the end of this document about the features to come up with inside Events . Capture registrations that arrive later this year, directly on LinkedIn. Collect accurate information from your event attendants, use a pre-filled Lead Generation Method . Follow up with those who participated with additional content in your event to keep them involved in retargeting to keep your brand and your message top of the minds of the attendees. 

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