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SynapseIndia has a long history of supporting & contributing towards different good causes and we are continuously seeking new ways to improve thousands more lives. Being an industry leading IT organization, it is a responsibility for us to improve the lives of underprivileged people, children and communities. With continuous growth in business, we are excited about opportunities as we expand. At the same time, we also understand our responsibility towards society and environment. Our approach to Corporate Social Responsibility is dynamic in nature and rooted in our people-first philosophy. As a part of its CSR activities, SynapseIndia has been continuously supporting International Chandramauli Charitable Trust based in Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh. Since its foundation, trust has been striving to accommodate living for underprivileged children & offer them quality education without charging anything to them. SynapseIndia strongly believes that education is primary right of any child and contribute towards making education accessible to underprivileged children through Varanasi based Chandramauli & Yoga Mission trusts. Better Future is a powerful promise and SynapseIndia understands the importance of education in one's life. Our employees also support company's initiatives and contribute towards supporting Varanasi based trusts in their noble cause. Responsible and sustainable business leadership is at the heart of SynapseIndia CSR strategy.


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SynapseIndia CSR at Varanasi


SynapseIndia's CSR Approach One of the major benefits of encouraging social responsibility in the organization is the positive environment you create for your employees. When employees and management have a feeling of working for an organization that has a sense of responsibility towards society, they will likely be more enthusiastic and engaged in their work. SynapseIndia, the leading IT outsourcing company in India, focuses on making effective contributions to the social causes. Company has been contributing to International Chandramauli Charitable Trust, based in Varanasi through study materials, computers for their IT lab and has also provided a hostel building in order to support trust in accommodating more under-privileged children & educate them.


Contributing to Varanasi Based Trust International Chandramauli Charitable Trust, based in Varanasi, is dedicated to providing children with a better education and better living. At Chandramauli, under-privileged children get free education about "Sat Svar Vedas" and "Panini's Vyakaran", Saahitya, Darshan, and Spoken Sanskrit. Since its association with International Chandramauli Charitable Trust, SynapseIndia has been contributing to empower trust to make them enable to provide better education to under-privileged children. SynapseIndia continues contributing towards the trust's vision of empowering needy children to be successful in competitive world & spreading awareness about India's ancient culture. Employees at SynapseIndia also support the SynapseIndia's CSR activities and add to the support company provides to trust.


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