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In this article I am going to talk about review. This website guarantees that SolidSwiss watches are without any flaw. More than this their watches are produces in Switzerland and they say they have the best website for replica watches. But in my personal opinion I heard these things before I am doing not trust only the words. So let’s have a look on the website are their models and the policies and let’s review them. Review – Design and Usability I have analyzed the page of the website and the design is professional plus it looks very clean nice fond and pictures. The strange thing is you can’t find the name “replica” in the domain name. in my opinion the design of the website looks really good. It is the same as the website If we go further they are saying on their page that the replicas are water resting like you can down inside the water with it 300m. this is strange as with the original you can go only 100m. this can’t be true and another thing the replicas should have the same specification as the authentic. Nothing bad to say about the pictures and the description of the Rolex replicas. They even have video with some happy customers that are reviewing the products and say nice things about them. The last aspect I looked at on the website was the usability. It may sound like I brad but the videos from the website are worse than the ones I did about my fake watches review blog. They are selling only Rolex replicas and going on the website you can find their policies both above and below in the page. The videos are pretty similar with the ones from and in my opinion this reputable replica watch sites are not that trustful. Replica Watches Brands This website exactly like SolidSwiss they have only Rolex replicas and their collection it is limited like for example Sky Dweller. Until now no manufacture could clone Sky Dweller. Not to forget the price which is insane the prices start from 1.5K which is way too much for replicas. If their watches were really good quality the prices wouldn’t have been a problem. Replica Watches Quality Now you can see the Yacht Master II replica how the watch actually looks like. Even if the pictures are not very descriptive it would be nice to see more photos of the watches such as with the movements but they are not available on the website at the moment. On the website you can see that they are saying the regatta works 100 but considered there are no pictures I doubt about that.

slide 2: Review – Conclusions Gathering all the information I have from their website I don’t consider this is the best website for replica watches that I have seen until now. Indeed they have really good reviews but you should look more in depth. More than this some people I know which bought from this website are claiming that they got scammed and the quality of Rolex replicas was not so good. I usually look for more information I do not base my opinion only on comments but now that I have all this data in my mind the website really looks like a scam. In my opinion you should try avoid this rep seller. I am curious to know if you have any other unpleasant experiences and something I can add to the review. Please leave your comments below

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