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Having trouble writing your thesis? Check out this great video that explains how to create a thesis that is effective and will make your essay stand out from the rest!


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Sweet Essays Tip #2: How to Develop a Thesis A+

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What is a thesis? It is an argument that you’re going to prove in your paper. An argument is NOT a fact, it’s a position. Proving your argument requires supporting evidence.


Examples: Weak Thesis: Picasso was one of the world’s best painters. Strong Thesis: The success of Picasso’s paintings stems from his experimental techniques that helped him to develop the style of cubism. Blah  Interesting


Examples: Weak Thesis: This essay will show that Canada’s withdrawal f rom the Kyoto Accord is bad for the Canadian environment. Strong Thesis: Although Canada’s goal was to decrease its greenhouse gas emissions by 6%, its emissions actually increased by 24% before they withdrew from the Kyoto Accord in 2011. This shows that the Canadian government never took its environmental footprint seriously as it was easily able to pull out from the agreement without any penalties. Vague  Specific


Sweet Tip: Follow the D.I.E. Rule! A good thesis has the potential for it to “DIE”: It makes a DEFINITE assertion It is INFORMATIVE about the difficulties or disagreements surrounding your topic It EMPHASIZES what you are arguing and how you are structuring your argument DIE, THESIS, DIE!!!

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