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The Wolf Among Sheep:

The Wolf Among Sheep Savanna Varney

Abstract :

Abstract Purpose: Who was Joseph Stalin? Scope: How does a man like Joseph Stalin rise to power ?

Introduction :

Introduction The impact Joseph Stalin had during his reign of power How did Joseph Stalin get away with such horrific crimes? Prior to researching this topic I was aware that Stalin was the driving force among the allied powers during WWII. WWII was a time to destroy and conquer dictators yet Joseph Stalin was able to slip under the radar

Literature review:

Literature review Primary Source: The Black Book of Communism written by Stephane Courtois . Secondary Source: Joseph Stalin Prime minister of Union of Soviet Socialist Republics was written by Ronald Francis Hingley . Secondary Source: Stalin and Stalinism written by Alan Wood.


Results Early Life The Great Purge The Great Famine WWII

Discussion :

Discussion Would you have followed Joseph Stalin? Were the death of Russian citizens justified by the industrialization of the country? Would Stalin have been able to bring his country into the twentieth century without violence? Was Stalin a true personality in Russia or was his popularity created by force?

Video Links:

Video Links https://www.youtube.com/watch?v= nLqplbwD644 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v= e_2of8pmHYU

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