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Los Verbos ar : 

How to work the verbs so you can start talking! Los Verbos ar

The steps to Use Verbs : 

The steps to Use Verbs Three things must always be done 1- Identify the verb (look and remember meaning) 2- Be aware of the stem 3- add the ending that agrees with who is doing the activity This start slow and becomes faster as you practice and are around people that use the language

#1 Identify the Verbs : 

#1 Identify the Verbs Here are some advanced verbs that are not your list. Nervioso/a? Look closely, they are similar to the English. Identify the category and guess what they mean. Pintar Prometer Respirar Establecer Nah! Construir Observar Asistir Palpitar

#2 Find the Stems : 

#2 Find the Stems Spell outloud the stems of the following verbs en español AR ER IR Navegar Jalar Perdonar Saludar Introducir Instruir Oír Medir Barrer Comer Envolver Querer

#3 conjugate! : 

#3 conjugate! Entr ar Yo o Tú as Ella a Nosotros amos Ellos an

¡Habla! : 

¡Habla! Use the visuals to say who and what is being done…en español, por favor. Hablar Escuchar Contestar Mirar Saludar Nadar Necesitar Entrar Mirar Usar Esperar Tomar Saludar Pagar Caminar

Verbs Anyone??? : 

Verbs Anyone??? Useful facts: The natural or “organic” form of the verb is called the infinitive or infinitivo en español. Infinitive means “to ________.” Such as, to study is only ONE word in Spanish, estudiar This form is very easy to deal with and is used commonly when a helping verb is next to it (two verbs next to each other, the 2nd is infinitive). Such as, I need to study tomorrow or Necesito estudiar mañana.

Hablar : 


Necesitar : 


Tomar : 


Trabajar : 


Pagar : 


Caminar : 


Escuchar : 


Cocinar : 


Estudiar : 


Tocar : 


Jugar : 


Llamar : 


Mirar : 


¡Buen Trabajo! : 

¡Buen Trabajo! Keep Practicing the verbs by testing your knowledge on: what they mean how to use them

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