Connecting Themes Georgia's Enduring Understandings

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This is a remake of the Ga DOE's PowerPoint. I added a few things to it to help make it a little more easy to understand.


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Connecting Themes Enduring Understandings:

Connecting Themes Enduring Understandings 6 th Grade Social Studies State of Georgia Standards Susan J. Belcher 2011

6th Grade Social Studies Framework:

6 th Grade Social Studies Framework

How the Framwork Will Be Used:

How the Framwork Will Be Used It is from these basic social concepts that we will study the rest of the World History units this year. Every place we study we will consider how these eight concepts have affected the development of that area. The next slides address in greater detail each of the eight framework concepts.

Conflict & Change :

Conflict & Change When there is conflict between or within societies, change is the result

Time, Change, Continuity :

Time, Change, Continuity While change occurs over time, there is continuity to the basic structure of a society.

Governance :

Governance As a society increases in complexity and interacts with other societies, the complexity of the government also increases.

Production, Distribution, Consumption :

Production, Distribution, Consumption The production, distribution, and consumption of goods/services produced by the society are affected by the location, customs, beliefs, and laws of the society

Human Environmental Interaction :

Human Environmental Interaction Humans, their society, and the environment affect each other.

Location :

Location Location affects a society’s economy, culture, and development.

Culture :

Culture The culture of a society is the product of the religion, beliefs, customs, traditions, and government of that society.

Movement/ Migration :

Movement/ Migration The movement (or migration) of people and their ideas a ffect all societies involved.

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