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Website: http://luxurylahomes.com Tel: 323-829-8811 Google plus: https://plus.google.com/+SusanAndrewsLuxuryLAHomes Official youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/LAHouseGuru Official Facebook: http://facebook.com/LAHouseGuru Official Twitter: https://twitter.com/LAHouseGuru Luxury LA Homes 8560 Sunset Blvd Los Angeles, CA 90069 323-829-8811 Email: susan@luxurylahomes.com LOS ANGELES REAL ESTATE MARKET DOS AND DONT Los Angeles Realtor, Susan Andrews loves the journey of home ownership. It is not often that a Realtor actually embodies the American Dream. A tough childhood in Queens, New York, taught her the true meaning of the quest. Purchasing her first home as a newlywed in Los Angeles taught her the joy of it. The search, the purchase, the details, even the renovation felt like second nature to her. Once she realized the job of a Realtor is defined by relationships, education and support, Susan knew she'd found her true calling. Just like people, houses have souls and personalities. It has to be the right fit. For Susan, a house is not just where you live, it's where every aspect of your life unfolds. It has to be a smart decision for today and a good investment for the future. Our Real Estate Services Include: -Real Estate -Real Estate Agency -Real Estate Agents -Real Estate Appraiser -Real Estate Consultant -Real Estate Developer Call us today at (323) 829-8811 for a free consultation on your real estate needs.


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THE DOS AND DONT’S IN THE LOS ANGELES REAL ESTATE MARKET The first rule in any kind of business is ensuring that you totally understand the market you are desiring to sell your product to. Especially in Los Angeles. You don’t just put your house for sale in Los Angeles without having prior knowledge about the kind of buyers that exists within the locale. Los Angeles real estate trends Market growth Research has shown that since the year 2012 the Los Angeles real estate market has been steadily growing with there being more and more buyers with time. Real estate in this part of the states has shown a run for rightly priced houses within the region. However despite the increase in demand for houses sellers should be very careful not to overprice the houses as this would be a catastrophic move. Change in house preference When putting a house for sale in Los Angeles you need to ensure that you know the current taste of the market so that your house sells fast. Recent records of the real estate activity has shown a shift in the market preference. The market has been seen to go for houses with modern equipment that is totally ready for moving. Therefore the previous taste for vintage housing has radically dropped. Therefore you should ensure that your house is as attractive as possible with the current taste in the market. Neighbourhood shifts Buyer attention in the Los Angeles area has totally changed over the past couple of years. This has been characterised by the shift of buyers to preferring houses on the Eastside rather than the common Westside. This has been as a result of houses being far more expensive on the Westside. The shift has seen life style change in the region with Eastside neighbourhood becoming a preference. Despite your understanding of the Los Angeles real estate market trends you might still find your house taking too long to sell. This can be quite confusing at some times but you should not despair completely. There are some factors that aren’t totally trend dependent. The following are some of the most common reasons why your house might not be selling as fast: Costly repairs Despite your house being a catch in terms of it being the right place and within the right price range the house might still not be able to sell. This can be as a result of foreseen repairs to the house after the purchase. Despite how attractive the deal might be most buyers will forego buying a house if the repair cost is more that they can handle. Unreliable agency The housing agency under which you list your house is very important as it will totally determine how fast your house sells. Therefore to ensure that your house sells fast you need to ensure that you list it under a well-established house agency. This is because such agencies usually have a large grip on the market as well as having created a large presence meaning they are more preferred when buyers are looking for houses to buy.

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Luxury LA Homes 8560 Sunset Blvd Los Angeles CA 90069 USA 323-829-8811

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