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Bold Innovation. Expert Results. A member of K Ä RCHER North America

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Productivity is increased due to operator riding not walking Fun to operate Less imitating than walk behinds Reduces operator fatigue Significantly reduces training time Easier and safer to maneuver in small congested areas Chariot Stand-On Series The Benefits

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(Save 10% on Chemical & Other = 1% Overall Savings) Windsor’s Innovation Focus (Save 10% on Labor = 9% Overall Savings) Innovation Focus for Other Companies 90% Labor Less Than ½% Of Overall Cost is Neutral Cleaner 10% Chemical Equipment, and Other Chariot Stand-On Series Innovation Focus

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The 90% - People & Time Chariot Stand-On Series The Stand-on Chariot iScrub 20 operates at a 50% higher speed than walking The Chariot cleans at consistent speeds the entire shift Operators walking speed diminishes throughout the shift reducing productivity ISSA Practical Cleaning Speed for a walk behind is 1.5 mph Through extensive testing it has been determined that the practical cleaning speed for the Chariot iScrub 20 is 2.25 mph. The iScrub 20 & 20X achieves 18,000 sq ft per hour The case for Never Walking Behind Again..

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The case for Never Walking Behind Again.. 343.2 hr gain/year 683.8 hr gain/year 1,027 hr gain/year 90% Labor With resource reduction challenges Chariot Stand-On Technology increases your overall cleaning capacity. Windsor Innovation Chariot Stand-On Series

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The case for Never Walking Behind Again.. Windsor Innovation Chariot Stand-On Series

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The case for Never Walking Behind Again.. Windsor Innovation Chariot Stand-On Series When you look at the true cost of ownership of the these units and factor in items such as: Labor rates Production rates Purchase price Maintenance costs The iScrub 20 costs 58% less to operate than a 17 inch scrubber and 33% less to operate than a 26 inch scrubber. “ Want proof? Double click on the calculator on the next slide and do the math yourself”

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Windsor Innovation Chariot Stand-On Series The case for Never Walking Behind Again.. When you look at the true cost of ownership of the these units and factor in items such as: Labor rates Production rates Purchase price Maintenance costs The iScrub 20 costs 58% less to operate than a 17 inch scrubber and 33% less to operate than a 26 inch scrubber. Click here for calculator

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Carpet Tile VCT Treated concrete Rubber Hardwood Marble Cobblestone Grouted Tile Lobby Areas Hallways Classrooms Offices Locker Rooms Waiting Rooms Patient Rooms Labs Conference Rooms Cafeterias Libraries Stairwells Chariot iVac 24” HEPA Vacuum All Terrain Vacuum

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Chariot iVAC 24 HEPA ATV A ll T errain V acuum Changing The Way Buildings Are Cleaned Today Walk behind sweeper Dust Mop Vac Pack Wide Area Vac Tomorrow True Vacuum Hard Floor VAC Soft Floor VAC Cordless Off-isle (up to 20 ft.) HEPA

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Chariot iVac 34" ATV multi-surface HEPA vacuum is designed with same deck as 24” ATV. Patented Chariot Stand-On Cleaning Technology* for increased productivity and maneuverability on hard and soft floors. Quieter than a traditional wide area vacuum with the same pick-up performance. No tool required, easy to maintain interchangeable brushes. Same battery configurations as existing Chariot iVac 34” We will offer both current and upgraded versions. Chariot iVAC 34 HEPA ATV A ll T errain V acuum

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Chariot iVac ATV—Brush Desk

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Chariot iVAC ATV Vacuum Pick-up Performance Similar to the Sensor, Versamatic, & Original Chariot iVAC Superior Vacuum Performance you can depend on: Chariot iVac 24” HEPA Vacuum Chariot Stand-On Series

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Windsor Innovation Chariot Scrubber Choosing the right machine for your application

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Windsor Innovation Chariot Vacuums

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Windsor Innovation Chariot Vacuums Chariot Stand-on Series achieve unmatched productivity when compared to traditional walk-behind auto-scrubbers Chariots combined with Productivity Pack compete with large rider scrubbers 28”to 36” Chariots expand the “cleanable” square footage in any facility Step up to a Chariot today and…. NEVER WALK BEHIND AGAIN

Think Green…Use Blue:

Think Green …Use Blue Environmentally Friendly, Budget Conscious

Windsor’s Environmental Statement:

Windsor’s Environmental Statement “Windsor recognizes the importance of being a responsible environmental steward. Windsor has been manufacturing equipment for decades that addresses: Indoor air quality Water consumption Lower chemical usage We believe a complete program combines process, equipment and chemicals.

Facts about the Indoor Environment:

Facts about the Indoor Environment 90% of our time is spent indoors. Indoor air quality is 2 to 5 times more polluted than outdoor air (EPA Study.) EPA Science Advisory board lists IAQ as one of its top 5 health concerns. US economy loses up to $60B per year in lost productivity as a result of poor IAQ. 1 in 13 children has breathing related illness such as asthma. The American College of Allergists reports that 50% of all illnesses are caused by polluted indoor air. Industry studies show that 80% to 94% of soil is brought in by foot traffic. ISSA Study—1000 people in 20 days can track in 24 lbs of soil. It costs approximately $700 dollars to remove 1 lb of soil (ISSA Study.) It costs .84 cents every time someone enters your facility to remove the soil they brought in.

Windsor—Environmentally Conscious for Decades:

Windsor—Environmentally Conscious for Decades Windsor has innovative products designed to fit your budget and be good for the environment by: Reducing water & chemical usage— Aqua-Mizer™ Reducing noise— Low dBA’s on most Windsor equipment Superior filtration— down to .3 microns out of the box on vacuums! Products that are designed for long life, not for the landfill— Versamatics, Sensors, Sabers Allowing for day cleaning— Chariot iScrub 20 Interim cleaning systems— iCapsol Chariot Platform— small footprint, high productivity, ergonomic design

Karcher Practicing Sustainability:

Karcher Practicing Sustainability For many years Karcher has carried out restorative cleaning projects on works of art & historical buildings all over the world so as to preserve them for posterity 80 projects on every continent, most financed by Karcher have been completed in the past 6 years Karcher’s Conservation Efforts around the world Christ the Reedeemer in Rio de Janeiro Mount Rushmore

Karcher Practicing Sustainability:

Karcher Practicing Sustainability Seattle Space Needle Colonnades on St. Peter’s Square in Rome Japan & Ukraine

Quickest way to clean green?:

Quickest way to clean green? The Greenest thing you can do is Clean Properly! How? Introducing the Blue way to go Green…….. Right Processes Right Equipment Right Chemical Right NOW!

Right Processes, Right Equipment, Right Chemicals:

Right Processes, Right Equipment, Right Chemicals Right Processes— These processes are universally recognized in the cleaning industry as achieving the highest possible results at the lowest possible cost Minimize labor, chemical and water consumption Right Equipment— Equipment matched to required task to maximize productivity Equipment built to last, with no special features that require additional expenses Right Chemicals— Green Seal, DFE Work with your distributor partner to establish proper chemicals

Implement an “Outside-In” approach to green cleaning, using…:

Implement an “Outside-In” approach to green cleaning, using… PDIR P reventative Maintenance D aily Maintenance I nterim Maintenance R estorative Maintenance Moving your budget $$’s from restorative maintenance to Preventative Maintenance will save $$’s and meet green objectives

Re-allocation of existing budget and resources:

Re-allocation of existing budget and resources Focus on Preventative, Daily and Interim cleaning Reduce the amount of resources needed Re-allocate budget dollars

Regulating Industry Organizations:

Regulating Industry Organizations USGBC—US Green Building Council LEED-EB: Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design—Existing Buildings EPA-Environmental Protection Agency DfE: Designed for the Environment: products and services that have been determined to be effective & protective of health & the environment Green Seal GS-42: establishes standards for cleaning service providers Ecologo—establishes products and services that meet their stringent standards of environmental leadersip CRI-Carpet & Rug Institute—conducts stringent testing on vacuums and extractors to meet their standards for seal of approval CIMS-EB—Established by ISSA, created for cleaning service providers

How Windsor products qualify for these organizations:

How Windsor products qualify for these organizations USGBC LEEDS Existing Building Standard IEQ Credit 3.4 – Low Environmental impact cleaning equipment policy CRI Approved Windsor vacuums Extraction equipment dries in under 24 hours Dust control burnishers Variable solution feed on scrubbers AGM Batteries Ergonomically designed equipment IEQ Credit 3.5 – Entries maintained with Windsor Sweepers Innovations & upgrades credits Aqua-Mizer™ DUO Encapsulation CRI Windsor vacuums are CRI Approved Windsor extractors are CRI Approved Admiral 8, Clipper 12, Commodore 20, Priza, Cadet 7 Platinum Level Chariot iExtract, Commodore & Voyager Duo, Mini-Pro Silver Level DFE Windsor iCapsol Chemical is DFE Approved

PDIR—Preventative, Daily, Interim and Restorative:

PDIR—Preventative, Daily, Interim and Restorative Preventative Maintenance Right Process : sweeping, entrance cleaning Why? Stopping the soil before it enters your facility is key to the program. If we could keep all soil outdoors, we would need little cleaning indoors. Right Equipment : Windsor Radius Sweepers, Pressure Washers, proper matting exterior & interior. Sweeping can reduce soil load by up to 66%. Right Chemicals: No chemicals required for sweeping (very green). Environmentally-friendly degreaser (Green Seal or DFE equivalent) if necessary for pressure washing.

The Power of Equipment:

The Power of Equipment

Preventative Maintenance:

Preventative Maintenance First line of defense is sweeping Recent study shows that a proper sweeping program can reduce the amount of soil brought into a building by a staggering 66%! Areas to sweep: Walkways Entry ways Parking lots & garages Matting is important, too 2 mat system 6 feet of matting removes 40% of soil 12 feet of matting removes 80% of soil 36 feet of matting removes 99% of soi l

Preventative Maintenance:

Preventative Maintenance Effects of tracked in soil: Increases burnishing and finishing on hard floors resulting in high chemical usage and maintenance costs Permanently damages carpet resulting in premature replacement According to the EPA the United States disposes of 4.7 BILLION pounds of carpet every year That carpet takes 1000 years to degrade Improper maintenance Reduces carpet life by 50% Doubles cost of ownership

PDIR—Preventative, Daily, Interim and Restorative:

PDIR—Preventative, Daily, Interim and Restorative Daily Maintenance Right Process : vacuuming, scrubbing, carpet spotting, sweeping, touchless restroom cleaning Why? Removing the soil in your facility quickly minimizes the damage to both carpet and hard surfaces. Maintaining carpet and hard floor daily extends its useful life, keeping it from being disposed of in landfills. Right Equipment : Windsor Versamatics & Sensors for vacuuming, utilizing high filtration. Windsor Sabers & Chariots utilizing Aqua-Mizer™ . Windsor Compass for restroom cleaning. Right Chemicals : No chemicals needed for vacuuming (again very green). Environmentally-friendly neutral floor cleaner and carpet spotter (Green Seal or DFE equivalent) if necessary.

Daily Maintenance:

Daily Maintenance On carpeted floors daily maintenance consists of: Vacuuming of carpets to remove dry soils before they damage the carpet fibers Vacuuming of matting Spotting to maintain a consistently high appearance Restroom Cleaning Touchless application for removing soils and bacteria from restroom surfaces.

Daily Maintenance:

Daily Maintenance Daily maintenance on hard floors consists of: Sweeping up loose, dry soils Scrubbing to pick up oily, sticky soils Sweeping is a more effective way of containing the dry soils than dust-mopping Better for IAQ No mops to launder, store, or dispose of Scrubbing with scrubbers equipped with Windsor’s patented Aqua-Mizer™ squeegee system reduces the amount of water & chemical needed to clean by 50%!

Daily Maintenance:

Daily Maintenance The Aqua-Mizer™ system works like this: Two squeegees are mounted behind the brushes/pads Along with side skirts and front skirts they create a “cleaning chamber” for the water The chamber fills up, holds the solution in, and uses the chemical to it’s full useful life As the machine moves forward a small amount of chemical is released between the squeegees This process dramatically reduces chemical and water usage while increasing productivity! Cylindrical scrubbing Brushes outlast 50 to 100 pads on average meaning less waste in a landfill Cylindrical scrubbers use less water and chemical and prolong the life of your floor finish

PDIR—Preventative, Daily, Interim and Restorative:

PDIR—Preventative, Daily, Interim and Restorative Interim maintenance Right Process : encapsulation cleaning, burnishing, top scrub recoat, carpet spotting Why? Maintaining the appearance of your floors with low moisture, low chemical methods increases productivity and maintains budget goals Right Equipment: Windsor iCapsol Mini Deluxe, Windsor Duo Extractors, Windsor Presto Spotter, Windsor Saber Blade series. Windsor Lightning Burnishers Right Chemicals: Windsor Red Carpet iCapsol Chemical, CRI approved carpet chemicals

The Importance of Interim Cleaning:

The Importance of Interim Cleaning Carpet Appearance levels – with and without interim cleaning.

Interim Maintenance:

Encapsulation cleaning is the key to interim maintenance on carpet! Encapsulation cleaning maintains the appearance of your carpets Chemical is brushed in, which distributes it throughout the carpet pile, and allowed to dry As it dries it crystallizes around the sticky, oily soils adhered to the carpet fibers causing them to release from the fiber In 20 minutes when they are dry (or at the next scheduled vacuuming) they can be vacuumed out Interim Maintenance

Interim Maintenance:

This process uses: 8 oz chemical per 1000 SQF 1 gallon of water per 1000 SQF Average extractor uses 6 to 8 gallons of water and 2 to 3 times as much chemical Encapsulation can be performed 3 to 4 times in between extractions, instead of extracting. This program has a tremendous impact on reducing the amount of chemical and water the maintenance process consumes. Additionally, this process saves on time, labor, and cost. Interim Maintenance

Interim Maintenance:

The first step for interim maintenance on hard floors is burnishing. The burnishing process removes minute particles of floor finish to create a smooth surface again. This creates a significant amount of dust, which will create poor IAQ. Burnishers with dust control greatly reduce the amount of particulate in the breathable air. This is essential for making your floors look great and protecting the health of the building occupants. Proper pad selection is critical. Select a quality manufactured pad. Interim Maintenance

Interim Maintenance:

The next step is called “top scrub & re-coat” In this step the scrubber is equipped with a little more aggressive brushes or pads Blue or green pads Mild or medium grit brush The brush removes the top 1 to 2 layers of floor finish 2 to 4 coats of floor finish are then re-applied to the floor This saves dramatically over stripping & finishing the floors Less labor Less chemical Less waste Less water Interim Maintenance

PDIR—Preventative, Daily, Interim and Restorative:

PDIR—Preventative, Daily, Interim and Restorative Restorative Cleaning Right Process : Extraction, floor stripping Why? Regardless of the program you implement and your commitment to it, the occasion arises for floors to be returned to their “like new” appearance Right Equipment : Windsor Storms, Windsor Recover Wet/Dry Vacuums with high filtration. Windsor Clipper, Admiral Cadet, Chariot iExtract, Windhandler, Dominator series. Right Chemicals : Environmentally-friendly floor strippers and finish (Green Seal or DFE equivalent) if necessary.

Restorative Maintenance:

Restorative Maintenance By properly implementing the procedures we have covered, you will reduce the need for restorative maintenance When it is time for deep cleaning follow these procedures: Vacuum first – water added to dry soils left in the carpet creates mud Apply a good pre-spray, agitate in traffic lanes, and allow it to dwell for 10 to 15 minutes Extract using an acidic rinse to minimize residues left in the carpet Rinse with hard water remove 15% Rinse with soft water remove 30% Rinse with acidic rinse remove 90+%

Restorative Maintenance:

Restorative Maintenance Restorative maintenance on hard floors involves: A lot of chemical A lot of water A lot of disposables If you must strip the floors remember these tips When re-applying finish lay your first coat 3” from the wall Lay each successive coat another 3” away Lay your last coast to the wall. This will reduce the amount of “doodlebugging” you have to do When laying finish in corners, round your edges so that you can remove them with your low-speed Lay the last coat to the wall Scrubbing with 3M SPP pads for chemical-free stripping


Summary Cleaning properly is the key to achieving green initiatives Right Process, Right Equipment, Right Chemicals Evaluate current processes, equipment and chemicals Work with your distributor partner & Windsor Representative to establish benchmarks for each PDIR Preventative, Daily, Interim and Restorative Maintenance

In Conclusion:

In Conclusion Going Green is easier and less costly than you think. Just cleaning properly will meet many “green objectives”. If you already use Windsor equipment, you have the building blocks for an Environmentally Conscious program that will not bust your budget. When you think Green…use Blue!

Soft Floor Equipment:

Soft Floor Equipment

Hard Floor Equipment:

Hard Floor Equipment

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