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trip, trip over, spill

trip—stumble, fall:

trip —stumble, fall The penguin tripped and fell. He tripped over a flower.

trip—stumble, fall:

trip —stumble, fall Maria tripped and fell. She tripped over a stair.

trip over:

trip over

Tom tripped and spilled his lunch.:

Tom tripped and spilled his lunch.


spill Sufe … Bobby… ??? ???

What will happen next?:

What will happen next?

tease-laugh at:

tease-laugh at My classmates always tease me. I don’t like being teased.

What is the boy teasing him about?:

What is the boy teasing him about?

Slide 11:

clumsy, tease

A clumsy waiter spilled the food everywhere.:

A clumsy waiter spilled the food everywhere.

A clumsy man…:

A clumsy man…

They are so clumsy that……:

They are so clumsy that……

Slide 17:

fall, frost, frosting

Slide 18:

frosting They like to frost cakes and cookies.

Slide 20:

carve, elbow, bump





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Tease Trip Fall Spill Clumsy knock Joke Bump Autumn Stumble Splash Awkward Laugh

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Bad things and good things in the day

Slide 29:

So, what does it mean: Mike’s Good Bad Day? Do you have anything you can find both bad side and good side in it?

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