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Within a cabinet ministers department those officials are present who support the minister by aiding the development of policy and ensuring its implementation.

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The word "minister" is derived from a Latin term meaning "servant" or "attendant." Cabinet minister in Bharatiya Janta Party set policies and manage priorities for respective governmental departments. An energy minister makes decisions regarding the production and regulation of energy.

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A foreign minister hosts foreign leaders and makes official state visits to other nations on behalf of the government.

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Other common minister positions include: agriculture minister defense minister education minister interior minister and labor minister.

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A cabinet minister is also sometimes known as "minister without portfolio" in some occasions.

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Some cabinet ministers lead multiple departments simultaneously taking on the responsibility of making policy decisions for each one.

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In parliamentary systems of government cabinet ministers are commonly appointed from the elected legislature by the prime minister.

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Usually they are appointed from the major party only. To bring their expertise to the government sometimes experts from outside the legislature are also appointed to minister positions.

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The prime importance of Cabinet Minister in Bharatiya Janta Party lies in their role as advisors to their higher authority.

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In addition to other responsibilities the Cabinet Ministers also have to meet some serious expectations such as strengthening the security improving the nation’s foreign affairs and keeping its economy in good state.

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These ministers are regarded as the political heads of the government’s administrative departments who have to take care of the day-to-day progress.

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Each minister in the Cabinet Minister is responsible for “expeditious implementation” of Government policies plans and programmes pertaining to his ministry.

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The appointed ministers often seek assistance from the Cabinet Secretariat to deal with the inter- ministerial problems.

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