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Speech Therapy Centre in Bangalore | CAPAAR is one of the Best Speech and Language Therapy Centre in Bangalore for children with Autism. For more information, visit:


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The expert speech-language pathologists’ team here analyses and treats children with autism up to the age of 21. Following communication challenges are commonly observed among children with Autism. Zero speech or minimal speech Challenges in even expression of needs Challenges in grasping directions or words Challenges in replying to questions Deprived play skills Difficulties in socializing Challenges in adapting to any changes in routine The earlier the treatment begins the better are the results. Coupled with an evaluation by a team of Autism experts and most importantly treatment including parents and even the child’s teachers are recommended.

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The detailed speech and language evaluation offered by our team involve: An evaluation of the social skills of your child as part of an overall evaluation of speech and language skills Notifying areas of improvements along with treatment plans that may include: The frequency of treatment sessions Objectives and methods that will be followed Involvement plan of Parents in the process In the meanwhile it is critical to make sure there is no hearing loss to your child with a proper evaluation from our Pediatric Audiology team.

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Treatment Autism Centre Autism Treatment Speech Therapy

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The treatment plan will be recommended by our speech- language pathologists. Next they will work closely with the rest of family members who play a major role in taking care of the child to offer services which may comprise their participation after training. Typically for your understanding these sessions may last half an hour to an hour for about one to three times per week. The entire treatment may continue between one to six months. The ultimate objective of speech therapy is to better your child’s social skills by means of the following initiatives: Joint attention training: This enables your child to focus his/her attention on an object and a person in a social context.

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Modeling Technique: Here live or video modeling is deployed to teach new skills. Naturalistic teaching technique: This involves the creation and deployment of opportunities to train communication available in the daily routine. Peer training technique: This is done with the help of a sibling or any other child within the family by training them on using supportive techniques let’s say during their play and interaction.

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Dr. P. Sumitha Hemavathy PT Founder Director CAPAAR Centre for Advanced Pediatric And Adult Rehabilitation

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