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Speech Therapist in Bangalore | CAPAAR is one the Best Speech Therapy Centre in Bangalore which is mainly for non verbal autism childs. For more information visit:


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Non-Verbal Autism – Overcoming The Obstacle And Initiating A Dialogue:

Non-Verbal Autism – Overcoming The Obstacle And Initiating A Dialogue Presented By Dr. P. Sumitha Hemavathy (PT)

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The fact that a child suffers from “Autism Spectrum Disorder” is not often easily conceived by the parents. The symptoms of ASD are exhibited as early as 18 months in a child. Detecting the symptoms at the early stages greatly dictates the future of the child. Right treatment from the right time will ease the symptoms of ASD in a child.

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The symptoms of ASD varies from individual to individual with changing degrees of severity. Primarily, the problem areas are: Verbal and non-verbal interactions Unattentiveness Inability to stir response due to sensory issues

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Few examples that describe the attributes of non-verbal autism : In verbal autism , when individuals try to convey a message they tend to use significant words that unveils the meaning of what they intend to convey. The autistic child with non-verbal autism tends to mimic the dialogues from TV commercials, songs, phrases that they pick up in their day to day life. Despite the inability of the non-verbal autistic children to execute normal verbal communication, they are effective in communicating through sign language and written language.

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In order to ensure the well being of a child, it is vital that the child is at least able to convey its needs and wants. The non-verbal autism individuals suffer from a condition where they acquire an oral-motor disorder that limits their ability to execute normal speech. Intervention by Speech therapists through an array of treatment strategy can aid the Autistic children in overcoming communication disruption. Fighting the challenge of enhanced conversation

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Speech therapist in Bangalore evaluate the individuals and on the basis of the functional level of the individuals, the  Speech therapists   focus on specific parameters such as: Gestures and body language Social interaction skills Prosody

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