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Nevi-Skin is an all-natural product that can help you look even more beautiful through enhancing skin’s overall health by getting rid of mole and warts. It is a very safe and fast-acting solution to a host of related problems.


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No matter how beautiful you are a wart mole or skin-tag can make you feel self conscious. The thought of going to a doctor to have a wart or mole removed is not only frightening but very costly.

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A doctor has several methods of how to remove skin tags warts and moles. They can use Cryotherapy which is applying liquid nitrogen directly to your skin and freezing them off. They can remove the moles warts or skin tags with Electro-surgery.

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None of these options sound like something most people want done to their face As a matter of fact many will opt to keep the mole wart or skin tag that makes them so unhappy rather than to undergo these treatments.

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Fortunately there is a product that will remove these unsightly skin conditions without electricity burning freezing or melting. Nevi Skin is an all-natural and safe cream that will remove the unsightly skin conditions quickly.

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Nevi skin is an all-natural product made by Dermal Meds. It is distributed in the United States and the United Kingdom. It removes moles warts skin-tags and many other unsightly conditions and leaves the skin soft and smooth. Nevi Skin Removes:  Moles  Warts  Genital Warts  Human Papilloma Virus  Skin Tags  Plantar Foot Warts  Syringomas

slide 7: Wash the mole wart or skin tag you want to treat thoroughly. Use the supplied emery board or toothpick to gently affect the area for better absorption. Do not reuse the emery board on your fingernails. Open your Nevi Skin and stir very well with the application stick provided. Apply the Nevi Skin to the mole wart or skin tag you want to treat. You will feel a tingling sensation as it begins to work.

slide 8: Wait 20 – 30 minutes and then wash the area with warm water. Leave the area alone for 24 to 48 hours. A scab will form over the mole or wart. In about seven days 7 – 10 days the scab will fall off on its own. To promote faster healing apply Aloe Vera pure Vitamin E or an over the counter antibiotic cream to the site. If the mole or wart was very large a second treatment may be needed.

slide 9:  Nevi skin is painless.  No doctor’s visits required.  Complete removal of moles warts skin tags quickly sometimes with only one application.  Self-consciousness eliminated.  Cost-effective.  No scaring.  60-day money back guarantee.  All natural product with no side effects.  Leaves the skin with a youthful glow in better condition than before treatment.  Ease of ordering.  Proven to work by consumers and backed by 20 years of research.  Nevi skin can be used in sensitive areas.


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