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Malcolm X was a civil rights activist in the 60’s who, unlike Martin Luther King Jr., sometimes used violence to get equality. He was assassinated in Harlem in 1965 John F Kennedy, our nation’s 35th president, created the Space program and lead us through the Cuban Missile Crisis. He was assassinated in 1963 Martin Luther King Jr. lead the civil rights movement in the sixties. He was a very peaceful man who was known for his “I have a dream “ speech. He was assassinated in Memphis in 1969 Lyndon B. Johnson, our nation’s 36th president, tried to resolve our world problems such as the Panama Treaty and sent more troops into Vietnam. Neil Armstrong was the first man ever to land on the moon. He did this for the US in 1969. He was America’s astronaut for the space race.


The Cuban Missile Crisis occurred during Kennedy’s presidency. Long range missiles were in Cuba and the US and the Soviet Union were close to a nuclear war The Berlin Wall was erected in 1961. The wall split Germany, Europe and Berlin in half. This marked the Soviet Union’s land and the rest of Europe’s land. In 1969 Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin were the first men ever to touch foot on the moon. John Glenn was also the first man ever to orbit the earth. The Civil Rights Act of 1964 made discrimination based on color, race, religion ,sex ,or national origin illegal . Martin Luther King Jr. gave his “I have a dream speech” to thousands of civil rights activists in Washington D.C. This speech made way for the Civil Rights Act of 1964.


The first human heart transplant was preformed in 1967 by Dr. Christian Barnard in Cape Town, South Africa. The patient died 18 days later of complications. The first ATM was installed in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in 1968. Texas Instruments invented the first hand-held calculator at a price of $2,500 per calculator The first commercial satellite was launched in 1965. It was launched by the US and its name was Eaty Bird The laser was perfected by Theodore Marman and it was used in surgery and printing.


Mini skirts became popular with women during the sixties. Women liked to show off their legs. The afro became a popular haircut during the sixties. Hair stuck out everywhere. It was usually worn by African Americans. The Nehru jacket had barely any collar and was made popular by the Beetles and Johnny Carson. In 1969, hippies gathered in Bethel, NY for 3 days of music and peace. 500,000 people showed up to listen to the bands. The Twist was a very popular dance during the 60’s. Some people said it was used to release Cold War tensions.


James Bond movies became popular in the 60’s. They combined sex with violence. In 1968 Planet of The Apes was created based on Pierre Boulle’s novel. It was about a astronaut who found a planet with very smart apes. The original 2001: A Space Odyssey debuted in 1968. Soon after it was named an artistic masterpiece. Alfred Hitchcock's Psycho debuted in 1960. It was about a women who stole money and then stayed at a roadside motel where she was brutally murdered. It was one of the first horror movies ever and was very influential. The Sound of Music, which debuted in 1965, stared Julie Andrews. It was about a family trying to escape the Nazi’s but they were great singers. It turned out to be one of the most popular family movies ever.

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