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The American Lion : 

The American Lion Theodore Roosevelt

Quick Background: 

Quick Background He was born in New York City Was a very sickly child Hyperactive – the strenuous life Harvard Grad. Became a historical writer

A True Cowboy: 

A True Cowboy Depressed Had a great sense of Adventure Dakotas Rope and ride Bar Fights Hunts outlaws Hunts and explores as far west as Idaho

The Politician: 

The Politician State legislature New York City police commissioner Asst. Secretary of Navy Became Governor Of NY after the war Tried to root out corruption and “Machine Boss” Political Machine Boss gets rid of him Becomes Vice Pres. Under McKinley in 1900

The Rough Rider: 

The Rough Rider Theodore was the Asst. Sec. of Navy He resigned from office Wanted to lead a Vol. regiment in battle The Rough Riders San Juan Hill and Kettle Hill “The Great day of my life” Medal of Honor

Accidental President: 

Accidental President In 1901 President William McKinley was assassinated Teddy Became the youngest pres. To assume office (42 Years Old). 26th president

What is the Bully Pulpit?: 

What is the Bully Pulpit?


Conservationist He was a sportsman and a Naturalist Concerned with the unregulated exploitation of our nations resources and wilderness Created the National Forest Service


Continued Preserve hundreds of millions acres Stressed the importance of less wastage United States Forest Service – 1905 Manage gov’t forest lands

The Square Deal: 

The Square Deal Make sure every American was given a “square deal” The deal was used to keep businesses in check Regulate the economy Consumers needed to be treated fairly Sherman Antitrust Act

The Square Deal: 

The Square Deal Department of Commerce and Labor Enforced the Interstate Commerce Act 1903 It Regulated railroad pricing for shipping The “Trust Buster” Launched 42 lawsuits against illegal practices Such as Standard Oil and American Tobacco Co.

The Policeman: 

The Policeman “Speak Softly and Carry a Big Stick” Roosevelt Corollary-1904 U.S. will use force to protect interests in Latin Am. Maintain order

The Policeman: 

The Policeman The Navy (Big Stick) – aggressive foreign policy Supported revolution in Panama Dominican Republic

The Panama Canal: 

The Panama Canal Teddy saw the advantages of connecting the two oceans and its importance to the U.S. Panama was at the time a providence of Columbia The French previously failed to build a canal The U.S. decided to offer $10 million and annual rental of $250,000 The offer turned down and Teddy reacts In 1903 he helped organize and finance a Rev. in Panama With U.S. troops landed to maintain order The U.S. then quickly recognize Panama as a Nation

Panama Construction: 

Panama Construction Began in 1904 and completed in 1914 It works through a system of locks Builders fought diseases Had to clear all brush and drain swamps Steam shovels and railroads 43,000 workers were employed by 1913

Panama Canal Completed: 

Panama Canal Completed Shortened the route by 8,000 miles 5,600 workers died of disease and accidents Cost $380 million, 10 million under budget Finished 6 months early Greatest engineering accomplishment of its era 14,000 ships a year pass through “I took the Canal Zone and let congress debate!”

The Great White Fleet: 

The Great White Fleet Sent four U.S. Navy battle squadrons and escorts around the world Purpose: To show the world that the U.S. could operate a global theatre (mainly the Pacific) Expanded the respect for the U.S. world wide Roosevelt had doubled the size of the Navy

Covered 43,000 miles: 

Covered 43,000 miles

The Peace Maker: 

The Peace Maker Preserving open “door trade” with China Japan and Russia went to war in 1904 Fear of an upset in balance of power Roosevelt wanted to mediate peace In 1905, Roosevelt succeeded in ending the Russo-Japanese War His part won him the Nobel Peace Prize Trade in China is open to all nations

Teddy Bear: 

Teddy Bear

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