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Training4SuccessAcademy provides well accredited course for Aviation and Tourism enthusiasts to gain in-depth knowledge of Travel and Tourism. Get trained in aviation and tourism in South Africa with Cabin Crew Academy.


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Welcome to Training4 Success Academy

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About Training 4success Academy As so often happens, it was a combination of influences and events that led to the lecturing of our first Cabin Attendant course, the start of what would become Cabin Crew Academy. a man called LB Smith with a passion for aviation where he ran his successful Passenger consultants business, all played a part. “LB has always been obsessed with aviation training ” and remembers how he has raised a family in and around developing the aviation training business. “In fact, he started his career at South African Airways in 1940. LB wan was involved in so many ventures, but I didn’t see this one coming. After 40 years plus in the Aviation Industry he started as Cabin Crew and was regularly promoted to more senior positions. He left SAA in 1993 as the Cabin Crew Training Manager, a position he held for 8 years. In the same year he registered a CC, “ON BOARD CONSULTANCIES”, with the main purpose of training Cabin Crew. Mail id:

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International Aviation and Tourism Management Diploma This course will offer you an opportunity to play a successful role in the ever-growing travel and tourism industry which is the fastest growing industry in the world providing 1 out of 11 jobs worldwide . If you have an outgoing personality and have a keen interest in traveling, locally, nationally or internationally and have the ability to communicate well with a diverse range of people, the tourism industry could be your career path . The combined SA-CAA license, IATA Travel and Tourism diploma with Harvard Leadership and Managing diploma equips learners with industry-specific knowledge and delivers critical management skills when and where your leaders need them most. The course material has the highest topics, videos, tools and on the job activities that engage and motivate learners.

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Course Subjects CABIN CREW: (this course is available as a “stand alone”) Cabin crew FOUNDATION IN TRAVEL AND TOURISM: (this course is available as a “stand alone”) Foundation in travel and Tourism MENTOR MANAGEMENT: (this subject is available as a “stand alone”) Mentor management

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WHAT WE OFFER: A new travel career in one year! 300 hours of training from excellent instructors with years of industry experience Small class sizes Career and resume development Free cv’s drawn up with a focus on job placement, professionalism, and personal success Free Wine tasting course Free interview skills lecture Our graduates are ready to start exciting careers as Flight Attendants, Travel Agents, Airport Personnel, and Hotel/Resort Staff.

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ENTRY REQUIREMENTS: Must be at least 18 years old and possess a Matric certificate or O Level (or be in the process of acquiring) Must possess verbal and oral fluency in English Must have no felonies on record Must be able to swim

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CONTACT DETAILS 179 Lauriston road, Norton’s Home Estates,Benoni , Gauteng, South Africa Mail id: Mobile: +27 11 963 3371 Ph: 0722889505

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Also Visit us at: Thank You

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