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Vital Wheat Gluten Improves Presentation, Jump, Texture & Enhance Taste of Bread. Visit: Call:+91-731-2550350


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CONTENTS ❖ Introduction ❖ Company Profile ❖ Products ❖ Industries Related ❖ Global Presence

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INTRODUCTION ❖ SubNutra food ingredients Pvt. Ltd. has an extensive portfolio of food ingredients that includes bakery dairy prepared foods confectionery pet foods beverages health and nutritional products. ❖ We are committed to provide an extensive range of high-quality ingredients at best prices. From the bakery dairy confectionery beverages to health nutritional food ingredients we can take care of all your ingredients needs.

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COMPANY PROFILE SubNutra Food Ingredients Pvt. Ltd Exporter and Importer of specialty food ingredients • Bakery • Candy Confectionery • Emulsifier • Beverages • Sauces • Dairy Products • Sauces • Health Nutrition Company Category Sector

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COCOA POWDER ❖ Dark brown cocoa powder ❖ Alkalized cocoa powder ❖ Natural cocoa powder ❖ DM cocoa powder ❖ Regular brown cocoa power ❖ Light brown cocoa powder

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PROTEIN ❖Soya Protein Isolate 90 ❖Soya Protein Concentrate ❖Functional Whey Protein Concentrate 80 ❖Instant Whey Protein Concentrate 80 ❖Whey Protein Isolate ❖Pea Protein Isolate ❖Sweet Whey Powder ❖Vital Wheat Gluten VWG ❖Textured Vegetable ProteinTVP

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EMULSIFIER ❖Non GMO Soya Lecithin Powder ❖Non GMO Soya Lecithin Liquid ❖Non GMO Soya Lyso Lecithin Liquid ❖Non GMO Soya Lyso Lecithin Powder ❖Non GMO Sunflower Lecithin Liquid ❖Non GMO Sunflower Lecithin Powder ❖Non GMO Sunflower Lyso Lecithin Powder ❖Non GMO Sunflower Lyso Lecithin Liquid

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PRESERVATIVES ❖Calcium Propionate ❖Sodium Propionate ❖Potassium Sorbet ❖Sorbic Acid ❖Sodium Benzonate ❖PGMS ❖Datem ❖DMG

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FATS ❖Non GMO Food Grade Full Fat Soya Flour ❖Non GMO Food Grade Full Fat Soya Grits ❖Non GMO Food Grade Soya Flour Toasted ❖Non GMO Food Grade Soya Flour Untoasted ❖Non GMO Food Grade Soya Grits Toasted ❖Non GMO Food Grade Soya Grits Untoasted

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DIETARY FIBRES ❖Polydextrose ❖Soy Fiber ❖Gum Arabica ❖Fructose ❖Oat Fiber ❖Wheat Fiber

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GUMS THICKENING AGENTS ❖Guar Gum ❖Xanthum ❖Carrageenan Dairy Grade ❖Pectin Jam Grade ❖Pectin Jelly Grade ❖Type II Collagen

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SWEETENERS POLYOL ❖Fructose ❖Maltitol ❖Sucralose ❖Acesulfame K ❖Stevia ❖Monk fruit Extract ❖Aspartame ❖Neotame ❖Xylitol

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CONTENTS ❖BCAA 2:1:1 Instant Vegan ❖Beta Alanine ❖Citruline Malate ❖L-Arginine ❖Alcarnitine ❖Creatine Mono Hydrate ❖L-Glutamine ❖L-Leucine ❖L-Isolucine ❖L-Valine ❖AAKG

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MILK RELATED PRODUCTS ❖Skimmed Milk Powder ❖Whole Milk Powder ❖Cheese Powder ❖Calcium Caseinate

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INDUSTRIES RELATED SubNutra Food Ingredients Cocoa Protein Emulsifier Fats Dietary Fiber Amino Acids Gums Thickening Agents Sweeteners Polyol Milk Related Products

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COMPANY LOCATION SubNutra Food Ingredients Pvt. Ltd. Corporate Office:- 512 Shagun Arcade A.B.Road Vijay Nagar Indore 452010 MP India Email Address :- Website:- Indore

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