Estudia inglés en Canadá


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Buscando una escuela de inglés en Vancouver para estudiar inglés en Canadá? Inlingua Vancouver ofrece el mejor curso de inglés en Canadá para aprender inglés.


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Estudia inglés en Canadá

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About Us inlingua Vancouver is part of the inlingua International Schools of Languages, with over 300 language schools around the world (over 30 countries) where over 500.000 students study and learn languages, especially English. Our English language instructors are qualified and experienced professionals with certified English teaching credentials. At our school we are offering high-quality English language training.

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Accommodation inlingua Vancouver seems like a second home to many of our students. Still, after a long day of studying English and going on activities with your new friends around Vancouver, you’ll need some real accommodation to take a rest.

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Contact Us inlingua Vancouver – Gastown Campus Address: #300 ‐ 150 Water St. Vancouver, British Columbia, V6B 1B2, Canada Phone: +1 604 605 0960 Fax: +1 604 484 2424

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Thank you !!!

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