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Know about some of the most popular business accelerator in India. This article gives you a brief insight of some of the most popular business accelerator in India. How business accelerator works and how they contribute towards overall development of startups.


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5 TOP BUSINESS ACCELERATORS IN INDIA Exploration is the engine that drives innovation innovation drives economic growth and to be on this right track to explore things and have sustainable economic growth a business needs excellent mentoring. This is where ‘Accelerators’ come to play a crucial role. Business News February 23 2014 Business Accelerators and Business Incubators are not new terms though used interchangeably they have significant difference. An Accelerator would act as a catalyst making the business grow faster and have a smoother sail it gives access to all high-end resources which comes into play at a later stage for any business to groom it’s growth and be out there. Whereas an ‘Incubator’ helps to set-up the business at very initial stages of development it works as a pre- conditioner to enhance the chances of survival for a start-up and helps them to overcome those initial days of hitch-hiking. With an emerging trend and start-ups coming forth the need for Business Accelerators cannot be undermined. Here’s a list of top 5 Accelerators in India. 1. Indian Angel Networks : For Entrepreneurs By Entrepreneurs. IAN is a Business Accelerator funded by National Science And Technology Entrepreneurship Development Board Govt. of India. With ‘Money Marketing and Market access’ being their initial peripherals they emphasize on high quality marketing and ensuring adequate monetary aid for the start-ups. 2. GSF : They spur innovation and entrepreneurship through angel and seed investing. They aim at developing knowledgeable and keen learners hence pick the start-ups and mentor them accordingly. They align their resources towards sustainable development engaging maximum response and outcomes within a defined phase.

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They ensure open-house availability of resources be it engineers marketing professionals sales and business developers to optimize the end results and makes you feel it’s presence throughout the ups and downs of the journey Source : http://goo.gl/LZAmmQ Want to know more about venture capital Firms in India. Find More : www.jaarwisaccelerator.com 3. TLABS TLABS is an Indian Accelerator which primarily focuses on Indian-Internet and Mobile Technology start-ups. They have a huge panel of mentors including renowned Entrepreneurs with high level of experience. They provide support via weekly catch-ups meetings constant guidance etc. They also incorporate high level Venture Capitalist’s engagement. 4. Startup Centre With their vision set forth at supporting technology entrepreneurs and build global start-ups leveraging technology to solve real world problems. They work closely with the ventures providing them access to all the needed resources throughout. Startup Centre works intermittently with the ventures ensuring proper guidance and support throughout the acceleration period. 5. Jaarwis Accelerator : “Build Grow Succeed” With this as their governing mantra JA is definitely providing mentorship to look up-to. ‘Pitch-It’ being a one liner which sure-shot explains the core mind-set how they work and like their ventures to work with them. JA plays big on ‘Ideas’ as one of the co- founders rightly says ‘’We aim to become a rapid development partner that can transform your start-up idea into reality”. JA thrives to create an Eco-System for the Entrepreneurs By the Entrepreneurs which distinctly segregates them from others.

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