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Outright Store offers a large range of SugarCRM plugins & add-ons help to run applications within SugarCRM. Call our certified expert for SugarCRM plugins, extensions & add-ons.


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SugarCRM Plugins / Extensions SugarCRM Plugins / Extensions SugarCRM SugarCRM Plugins Plugins for Microsoft Excel enables for Microsoft Excel enables Sugar Sugar users to create .... into the Proxy users to create .... into the Proxy Server Server sub sub- -tab tab under under Proxy/LDAP Proxy/LDAP to allow your to allow your Sugar Sugar ... ...

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SugarCRM Global Search SugarCRM Global Search SugarCRM plugins are out of the box solutions that are more ideal when you are not looking for complicated integrations and customizations. Outright Systems deliver precise and accurate plugins addons that your organization needs to grow and expand beyond its horizons. Searches are a very important part of SugarCRM and they must be relevant and fast. Faster Global Search plugin gives your SugarCRM much more options to perform searches. •Users can now search their preferred modules. •It also gives users the ability to perform anywhere search options or filter exact. •Users can also now search in any field of the modules.

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Sugarcrm Drip Campaigns Sugarcrm Drip Campaigns Drip campaigns can be a bit difficult to use and users do look for a more personalized and tailored solution. Drip Campaigns can help you in achieving exactly what you are looking for when it comes to more efficient customer interaction. • It analyzes and observes their activities and behavior. • It also eliminates the redundant messaging process. • It gives a more enriched and enhanced emailing process.

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Sugarcrm Email Sugarcrm Email- -to to- -Lead Lead Default SugarCRM plugins create cases from the emails received. But the need arises for users to access data in modules like leads or contacts. Data has to be manually entered into those fields but with SugarCRM Email to Lead data can be now saved in multiple modules through the process of automation from inbound emails. • It helps save time and money. • It increases efficiency and productivity. • It makes the process easier and convenient.

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SugarCRM SugarCRM Databse Databse Backup Backup Data is the most important aspect of any business and loss of data can be quite detrimental to the growth of any small or large organization. However such threats can be eliminated with the help of SugarCRM Data Backup. • The process of data backup is done automatically. • Users can create data back thrice in a day. • Users can also set time preferences to create data backup. • Users also receive a notification when data backup is created. • Users also get a detailed overview of their data backup.

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Global Hide Manager Global Hide Manager Users often wish for a more personalized and customized SugarCRM Add- Ons. It is a proven fact that a more tailored CRM leads to an increase in efficiency and increases overall productivity. You can achieve this with the help of Global Hide Manager it allows users to hide an object section icons or buttons and much more on the SugarCRM. •It gives users a more personalized and tailored SugarCRM. •It allows users to Hide and Button section icon or filed on the SugarCRM. •It also enables users to become more GDPR compliant and protect customer information.

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Sugarcrm Record Restore Manager Sugarcrm Record Restore Manager Default SugarCRM comes with certain restrictions and limitations such as that it does not come with an option of restoring lost data. This where Record Restore Manager Addons comes in handy. It gives users the ability to recover lost data users no longer have to burden themselves with the worry of losing important data by mistake or otherwise. • It allows users to recover lost data at any point in time. • It allows users to recover lost data from multiple sources. • Users can restore lost data with great ease and comfort.

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