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The year on year growth of e-commerce and shopping preferences of customers have proven beyond doubt that online shopping is here to stay.Selling online is no longer a question of choice. If you want to grow and reach out to a larger customer base you need to take your business online.Check out www.storehippo.com know how selling online can give an instant boost to your business.


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Why take your business online

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Expand your geographical outreach

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Business Open 24 x 7

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Broader Potential Customer base

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Greater Flexibility

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Every potential customer is on mobile

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Persistent Market Positioning and Brand building

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Minimal Cost to set up Manage: ● Lesser warehousing cost ● Lesser inventory cost ● Lesser operational cost ● Lesser marketing cost

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Organized Data: Better reporting and analysis of customer behaviour for long term decision making

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Multi Channel Sales

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E-Commerce Market: Revisited • Indian E-commerce industry grew 10 folds in only 7 years 2009-2016. • Projected to grow by another 10 times by 2030. • Overall a whopping 100 times growth in about 20 years. • There is a major shift from offline to online business and we are right in the middle of this transition • Numerous players emerged to capitalize the upsurge of E- commerce. Growth E-Commerce Growth

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Problems faced while taking your business online Businesses inadvertently face these challenges while going online: • Hiring skilled technical team to develop the product. • Finalizing Scalable Extensible Technology/Framework. • Making the product Mobile Ready both in terms of design and performance. • Integrating Payment gateways and other channels like SMS and Email etc. • Handling Shipment of products and managing COD cycle. • Reaching global audiences by offering multilingual and multicurrency options. • Maintenance and Continuous Upgradation of the product. • Analyzing the traction of the product through reports/tools. • Making the product SEO ready and standards compliant. • Taking care of the security and performance of the application.

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Solution- Presenting StoreHippo: The Most Advanced E-Commerce Platform

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Easy to use DIY Do it yourself Platform with 360 degree E-Commerce Solutions

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One of a kind technology stack: MEAN scalable and fast

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Mobile First Architecture

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Logistics Payment Gateway Integration

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Pre-integrated Email + SMS Gateways

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Multi-Channel sales ● Integration with marketplaces ● Social Media Channels ● Mobile Apps for Android iOS ● Offline Support ● Google Merchant Center ● Mobile friendly site ● Multi-Currency Feature ● Multi-Lingual Support

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Multi-Seller Marketplace Support

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“StoreHippo provides you everything that you need to sell online. It is simply easy to use and does not require you to be a technical ninja to be able to manage your store.” -Sajid Vaid www.atrangee.com Take your business online today www.storehippo.com +91 8010 117 117 reachusstorehippo.com

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