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It is very important to invest money for better and safe future; but most of the people do not know how to invest and where to invest for better future.


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Stockroller , inc. Provides sharegro ™ investments with built in worldwide sharing

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StockRoller , Inc. Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) provides shareGro ™ investments with built in worldwide sharing. The purpose of StockRoller shareGRO ™ Partners is to offer sound advice about the best ways to invest money to clients . We keep management fees low and provide outstanding service while seeking undervalued investments. Low fees, high quality and state of the art fundamental investment analysis provide optimal value. This allows StockRoller to manage more efficiently than either academic theory or usual practice in the industry. Academics advocate modern portfolio theory. This involves buying into the market equity portfolio with a fraction or percentage of the portfolio, and the “risk free asset,” or Treasury bills. The percentage of each is adjusted to adapt to the risk the client will tolerate.

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StockRoller practices a variation of modern portfolio theory using short term corporate bonds in place of treasuries, and passive indexing applied to the global stock market as the equity component of the core strategy. The company seeks enhanced performance using a low cost active selection satellite strategy in part of the portfolio. These standardized selection approaches minimize management cost while still seeking enhanced risk adjusted investment returns.

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The very low management fee also affords room to accrue a safety net by means of the shareGRO ™ Practice. StockRoller has developed the means for clients to easily donate to their charitable organization or church. This money goes into a globally diversified, professionally managed portfolio of equity securities to increase the resources of that non-profit. For more information about how to invest money, please visit:

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