What Problems Can Stress Cause Stress Management Activities for Adults

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Everybody now a days is suffering from excessive amount of stress. Know the real connection between stress and health.Learn how to manage stress. Visit https://doctorsunder.com/


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What The Doctors Say “A majority of Americans recognize that their stress exceeds the levels necessary to maintain good health. Managing intense and stressful experiences is difficult for many and rebounding from them is not easy. However effects of prolonged stress become really toxic to us both on a surface level and within the complex workings of our body. We must learn to make time to engage in healthy behaviors to effectively manage stress levels and ensure our emotional and physical well-being. ” - Dr. Keerthy Sunder MD Director The Mind Body Treatment Institute What Problems Can Stress Cause Stress Management Activities for Adults excerpt: You’ve probably already built a successful career established financial security and kept balance family responsibilities. But the reality is that life demands flexibility and adaptability through all stages. Explore the real connection between stress and various medical disorders here. Then we provide you with a description of effective tools that can help you relieve the pressure. A Stress Free Retirement Stress is a part of life. It is present during all stages of our lives. In fact difficult situations arise nearly every day. And just because you’ve retired – or are facing retirement - doesn’t mean that stress is going to go away. It just transforms. However another reality is this: the bodys natural defenses against stress weaken with age. So how can you maintain balance to overcome the obstacles that life brings There are effective ways to eliminate toxic stress from your life. Here we dig deeper into the origins of stress and its effects on your health. We’ll talk about medical conditions that stress causes and explain in details what actually happens to your body during stress. Additionally we’ll offer you practical suggestions about how to eliminate the stress from your life. Are you ready to live in peace and happiness Read on. We’ll help you beat stress in retirement and discuss ways that you can live to your 100 potential. Then at the end we welcome your questions and personal experiences with stress. We look forward to hearing how you deal with stress The Definition of Stress Stress is an automatic reaction usually triggered by a dangerous situation or a situation which is perceived to be dangerous. Stress is a part of the existence of every human being. When stress is short lived it acts as an incentive a driving force. When the rabbit senses the wolf is close his instinct acute stress gives him strength to escape the danger and save his life. Experiencing stress is part of being alive. When stress is acute it has positive effects over your body. But when stress is present in the long-term it overexerts the body. Long-term stress can cause an overall feeling of exhaustion. Not only that long-term stress can begin to wear into your system’s ability to defend itself against illness. When stress

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becomes a permanent part of your life it acts as an enemy destroying your life balance and health. What Causes Stress Stress is commonly the result of the inability to manage or solve a difficult problem. A lack of knowledge to handle a certain situation is perceived by your brain as a stress. Doesnt this sound familiar We don’t always know how to handle every situation or have the answers to every problem. This is why stress is an inevitable experience of our existence. The list of stress causes can go on ad infinitum but some of the most common situations that trigger stress are the following:  career transitions  divorce  financial difficulties  legal issues  loss of a job  loss of a loved one  marriage  parenting or grand parenting  retirement  serious illness  severe injury Stress Management for Adults The following tools can help you master stress. Stress can manifest in many forms. You might experience chronic stress as a result of chronic pain or stress in the form of anxiety. But there is a simple truth: stress begins in our thoughts. There is a deep connection between the mind and the body. Knowing this when you control your mind and thoughts you can also control stress. 1. Relaxation Techniques Deep breathing is one type of relaxation technique. When the diaphragm and the chest relax the breath moves out and the abdomen flattens again. On the next in breath the process start over. Because of this extra space for the lungs to fill a diaphragmatic breath is a fuller and more complete breath than chest breath. Diaphragmatic breathing can bring about a feeling of calm and relaxation when it is purposefully done.

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2. Mindfulness Techniques Mindfulness is a type of meditation oriented towards focusing on the present moment. These meditations aim to teach you to develop a capacity to pay attention to the present moment without trying to change it. The ability to be in control of the situation you are experiencing no matter of the discomfort and dissatisfaction it brings has been found to reduce pain intensity and pain related anxiety. Research using fMRI of the brain suggests that these changes are associated with rewiring of nerve pathways in the brain structures involved in pain processing and mood regulation. 3. Meditation Meditation has been practiced for thousands of years. It was primarily used as a technique to help deepen understanding of the sacred and mystical forces of life. However this eastern practice can help you reach peace relaxation and reduce the levels of stress by establishing a connection with your inner self. These days meditation is considered to be a mind-body complementary medicine. Meditation can help you improve your sleep your concentration and tranquil your mind. During meditation the attention is focused on eliminating ignoring the cloud of negative thoughts that burden your mind and intensify the feeling of stress. This end result of this process is enhanced physical and emotional well-being. 4. Brain Tune Brain Shake This nutritional brain supplement is a product which represents more than 30 years of neuroscience research. Designed to address brain health structure and function Brain Tune Brain Shake contains a variety of nutrients and cofactors that support:  antioxidant systems  cell membrane integrity

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 mitochondrial energy production  neurotransmitter production Brain Tune Brain Shake addresses stress by supporting the organ of the brain in its optimal function. The formula has been formulated to optimize the mind-body connection and this brain nutraceuticals is full of 25+ ingredients to heighten energy focus and a calming sense of well-being. Effects of Stress on Your Health Psychological stress is a major risk factor for the development and progression of a number of diseases including:  Arthritis  Cancer  Cardiovascular disease  Major depression A large number of studies underline the risks chronic stress has over the sympathetic nervous system and the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal. When these parts of the system stop working properly you risk developing a variety of chronic diseases. Furthermore chronic stress makes significant changes to the neurocognitive mechanisms and may lead to physiological changes. A set of neural systems involved in threat processing safety processing and social cognition are suggested as key contributors to stress-related changes in physiology. Want To Know More In this article we’ve provided you with an overview of the way stress can harm you. Additionally we offered you with few suggestions on how to get rid of it. But if you have anything else you would like to ask feel free to post all your questions below. We will make sure to provide you with a personal and prompt response.

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