Paranormal Activity – Top 5 Haunted Places in India


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A fascination with the supernatural powers drives some people to travel in search of the paranormal. Behind many a famous landmark, is a great ghost story and if you are the fan of the unusual, the spiritual and the paranormal, this holiday is for you. For book your flights:-


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Paranormal Activity – Top 5 Haunted Places in India:

Paranormal Activity – Top 5 Haunted Places in India Travelers coming to India for obvious reasons as culture, heritage, sightseeing, nightlife and cuisine but a few dare hearts embark on a hair raising expedition to the most haunted places in India. Being an evolved country through several civilizations, wars and dynasties, India has a saga attached to every abandoned fort or palace, dried river or empty houses. Wear your heart on your sleeve and get on to this eyeball widening holiday in India with cheap tickets to India from UK by Who knows, you may end up finding one shadow ! Let us brief you about some best haunted places in India that would really give you that real jolt. Drowse yourself in a pure hair rising experience.

Bhangarh Fort, Rajasthan:

Bhangarh Fort, Rajasthan A ruined town in Alwar district of Rajasthan, Bhangarh , was built in 1613 by King Madho Singh but was abandoned soon after being cursed by a magician which led to the devastation of the entire town. Local stories say that whenever a house is built there, its roof collapses due to the magical spell. A weekend getaway destination in day, nobody stays there after sunset (officially put up by Archaeological Survey of India). There have been actual stories of the people who never returned back after dark from the fateful trip. It is not just known as the most haunted place in India but also popular across the world for its paranormal activity. Did you just get goose bumps?

Ramoji Film Studio, Hyderabad:

Ramoji Film Studio, Hyderabad Ramoji Film studio has been built on the war grounds of Nizam Sultans and locals believe that the notorious ghosts of the dead soldiers haunt the place. Witnesses have reported of several paranormal activities happening during the shoots such as leftover food being scattered around the room, lights falling off the ceiling, strange marks on mirror in Urdu, locked bathroom doors being knocked vigorously from inside and even the light men sitting high up in the studios have been pushed by invisible forces on multiple occasions leading to severe injuries. All the shoots are wrapped up before sunset as no one dares to stay there beyond that.

Kurseong Dow-Hill, West Bengal :

Kurseong Dow-Hill, West Bengal Kurseong , a hill station in Darjeeling, West Bengal is rumored to be the centre of paranormal activities due to several accidents that have place in the vicinity. Locals say that they have heard the footsteps emanating in the corridor of the Victoria Boys School during the holidays of December to March. The place has stories to tell of several murders been committed in the woods near the school leaving a sense of eerie feeling in the air. Reports of a headless boy being spotted between the stretch of hill road and forest that later disappears in to the woods, gripped the area. The locals say that anyone who has seen him is not even spared by his apparition in their dreams.

Delhi Cantonment, New Delhi:

Delhi Cantonment, New Delhi Delhi Cantt area, full of lush greenery and a visual treat is also one of the most haunted places in India. If rumors could be believed, on lookers have sighted a woman (probably a hitchhiker while alive) clad in a pure white sari gliding around with a candle who waves at the lonely passengers. It is said that if denied, she runs swiftly alongside the car at high speed and suddenly disappears. Mostly the sightings have been reported near Dwarka Metro Station .

Dumas Beach, Gujarat:

Dumas Beach, Gujarat Standing 2 nd in Asia for being the most haunted place, this stretch of the beach has been notorious for its paranormal activities. One of the main reasons being Hindus burn their deceased on the beach. People have reported experiences like hearing strange whispers on the beach and the wind around the area seems to be full of spirits of dead people. Some eager tourists have also been known to disappear while talking walk on the beach at night.

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