Rendezvous in Lahore for its Food, Cricket and Glorious


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Though Lahore might not be the capital of Pakistan but is the cultural, intellectual and artistic hub of the country. Lahore is the capital city of north-east Punjab province and the second largest city of Pakistan. For Ticket Booking:-


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Rendezvous in Lahore for its Food, Cricket and Glorious Historical Past:

Rendezvous in Lahore for its Food, Cricket and Glorious Historical Past Lahore offers an evocative mix of history and architecture, as you can witness the faded legacies of the British Raj and distinct Mughal monument that surround this Old City which unfold into a mini expedition for a travel bug. Like Indians even Pakistanis are crazy about cricket and one way to break ice with a Lahorite is to talk about the game. Incidentally Lahore is also the home of politician turned former cricketer Imran Khan which sometimes serves as venue for high-profile international cricket match. Today, Lahore is widely considered to be the cultural capital of the country and has many attractions to keep the tourists busy. Lahore is certainly worth visiting but do not expect a tranquil city because it is filled with history, culture and art. No doubt this city is a friendly and socially liberal because since ages it has been known for its cultural, intellectual, literal, musical and humanistic evolution. To witness all these book last minute flight tickets to Lahore . Read further to know more…

Places to Visit in Lahore:

Places to Visit in Lahore Lahore is also home to many renowned universities of Pakistan and some of the places of attraction in Pakistan include symbol of Lahore, Hira Minar , Wagah Border which connects India and Pakistan, Sozo Water Park etc. This city is also known as the ‘Heart of Pakistan’ due to Mughal footprints that have left behind breathtaking architectural manifestos and eye catching gardens. If you love history then Lahore is the place for you and it takes more than a couple of days to explore this beautiful city. You can also pay visit to Lollywood which refers to the Pakistani film industry based in Lahore city. It was started in 1929 with the inauguration of United Players Studio on Ravi Road. Some of the places to visit in Pakistan are the Shahi Qila which is situated in the north western corner of Lahore and is said to be the masterpiece of Mughals and has been declared as a World Heritage Site in 1981. Jehangir’s Mausoleum is another famous tourist attraction of the city as the Mughal emperor died in Rajauri on his way to Kashmir from Lahore. Shalimar Garden is another place worth visiting as it is located 8 KM from the east of Lahore and was built by great Mughal emperor in 16 th century. To enjoy the best in the city book tickets to Lahore Crystal Travel. Read further to know more…

Food and Getting Around:

Food and Getting Around If you are die-hard foodie then do not forget to visit the street food of Lahore which gives a glimpse of delectable Asian cuisine and is situated in the Gawalmandi area of Lahore. The name of the street goes by its name due to beeline row of restaurants that serve authentic Lahori food rich in oil and spices. As a tourist you should know that Punjabi and Urdu are the most common languages spoken but English is also widely spoken especially if you are visiting the old city area, the Fort and the area surrounding the Mall Road. Allama Iqbal International Airport is located about 30 minutes from the main city center and is a hub for all major international airlines. Therefore it is advised to book cheap flights to Lahore from UK London . Read further to know more…

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